Marvin Parker

My Life, by Marvin Parker

Peace to the outside world,
I’m glad to say that I came from underneath of that group dimistration charge that would have sent me back to Red Onion; it ain’t all the way official yet, in so many words they said it was—but they do well some times.
Right now I’m working trying to publish my first book with a book company called, “Ashelybridgebookpublishing.” And yes the name is all together like that. Hopefully everything workout with it because I’m really want to have something in this world that can make a difference, something i can be proud of instead of all the negative—because I got alot of that. Too much for one lifetime.
Writing that book wasn’t even about the money—even though I’ll be glad when it’s made. But it was more about getting the message out there, as well as just the feeling of accomplishing something. To be able to say I did that. It make it feel as if my time behind these thick walls wasn’t a total waste. That’s why I try so hard to learn as much as I can because knowledge is the only thing they can’t take from you and once you got it the possibilities are endless.
So that right there is what’s going on in my life to wrap it up in a “nutt shell” if I’m using that termonology right. “Progess” there is no other feeling like it.

Sorry if my words are misspell or misplace. My property was lost so I was forced to do this out in the open with people behind. No excuse though I will get better at it, continue to follow me and you will see for yourself.

Marvin Parker
DOC #1195029

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