Dennis Ray

Disloyal Witch, by DENNIS RAY

Always walking around here like you got amnesia , you probably out there concealed trying to find something to put in your glass pipe . What the hell happened to you last night ? You was to be my one and only gemstone ? Now I can’t give you nothing else but advice , perhaps you’ll run into the right situation that’a , make you pay a price . But in the mean time you need to get some where safe . Because their is more COVID-19 pandemic to go around . You need to step up and take some kind of responsibility , before you practice any kind of critical procedure . once again you have underestimate the sentiment of the people around you .Because you have left many in devastating disbelief . Why would you reopen your inconsistencies now ? When you had everything in the palms of your hands . All I wanted to do was show you a good time and put love back in your life . Now someone else will have to blow your mind . Because you’ll never find , another like me ; that will point you in the right direction ? But right now I got to get up out of here … So I’ll say peace . Because I’m out !

Behold , with a great plague will the Lord smite thy people , and thy children ,and thy wives , and all thy goods : 2Chronicles 21:14

DOC #A661634

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