Jeremiah Morris

Make it out, by Jeremiah Morris

Some me of the most beneficial things come from bad situations and so many good things come from a bad situation.
like the hood or loyalty to family, (speaking of loyalty) that word is powerful (loyalty) stay loyal to your family and never let anything come between that.
we love the hood so why try to escape the hood when no matter where you go, it will be as you see it , analyzing everything based on what you have experience in the hood. just know it is all good because that’s your experience so you will never be able to escape the hood becaus its in your blood, You were borned into it. as one become wiser you start to understand things with a deep acceptance. accepting it and living with it become comfortable with it because you made it out. but you made it out physically but you can’t leave your experience because it recordes our everyday living through our own eyes. if you understand this than you are in tune with freedom of acepting the SELF. loyalty is a emotion that records experiences that make one make decisions on and that’s just one of the many words I can build on but loyalty. a 7 letter word is powerful. Make it out with loyalty and keep pushing because its many highways in this world and plains to travel but make it out and see it. only than will you experience more and see that your brain is recording more so as you become wiser living, you will understand you feel how you feel about life because the age of your experiences when you experienced it so add new ones, this is for everybody but dedicated to the individuals that come from the streets. live your life and make it out.

Jeremiah morris
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