Deshon Golson

Introduction Blog, by Deshon Golson

My name is Deshon Golson#a554685 I am locked up for involuntary man slaughter and aggregated murder for one dead person. My release date is in two more years I see the parole board all my mandatory time will be up in two years.But God’s getting me out in three. I’m facing 23to life. A little information about me. I love to learn. I love deep thought conversations. I love writing poems,R and B, rap, and spiritual music. I have also wrote a children’s book and am now working on a secound one. I believe in Christianity God Bless you all and God speed thank you for your time. You can reach me at j~pay. com or write me at

Deshon Golson #a554685
Madison Correctional Institution.
P.O Box 740
London, Ohio 43140

P.S. I may be going to a different prison soon when I get there I will forward the address to contact me. But feel free to contact me now I will receive your letters or emails regardless. Preferredly e~ mail. bye

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