Angelo Vasquez

I Want To Die, by Angelo Vasquez

It’s days like this where I wish I was dead, I hate you for not understanding what I’m going through. How you barely seem to care! I hate you for not understanding me! I hate you for thinking you do. I hate you for never seeing me! Everyone loves me when it’s good then they hate me when it’s bad. True love is tested by the worst times and it defines the people involved. You have been seen loud and clear, you knew I was dying and decided to twist my soul even more. I am my own man, I should never need anyone!I should never need you! I SHOULD NEVER FUCKING NEED YOU!!!! Though in prison I do….I’m needy, I’m useless, I’m dead, I’m another mouth to feed, another obligation. Though when I send home money I’m loved but when I lose it I’m hated. I disgust you, I’m compared to the pieces of shit that haunt your past. Fuck it. Fuck everything! Fuck you! Fuck god! Fuck this whole scene.
Fuck you….because I still love you.

Angelo Vasquez
CDC #G07505

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