Marvin Burrage


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I called my wife and told her how I could get out early,I told her write a letter and take it to the judge,two days later I was back downtown, when I got to the window they asked me if I knew why I was here I said I think I am supposed to see the judge for shock probation the guy said know you are here agg murder w/ mask murder spec,agg robbery w/mask murder spec,agg burglary w/ mask murder spec,a temp murder w/spec,kidnapping w/spec,I said that’s not me my name is Tom Bull,he said Tom Bull aka Marvin Burrage aka Anthony Burrage, I just fell to the floor,when I got to the unit I didn’t call home because I was in shock, I called Relina she was in jail,I found my brother Craig number some how,I asked him what was going on he was the last one out there on the run,I told him it was his girlfriend Lil tiny that did and he said she didn’t do shit,I never told my wife what I was in jail for,but the detective told her some shit and that I wasn’t cooperating,she told them that I used to keep a gun in the closet but I never told her about no robberys,when she came to see me she told me somebody had broke into the house and took all our clothes and other things,then she told me what he detective had said,but I am looking at her with all this make up on and she know I don’t like make-up anyway I talk to my brother Eddie and tell him what’s going on I told him try and get with Craig about this shit,now I believe that if Craig did the right thing we would get out,but that wasn’t to be,when they finally caught him we all was indicted, they put use all in a room together so we had a chance to kick it but everybody was lieing to everybody,Craig gave me a number so we all could keep in touch and no what’s going on,the number he gave me was Kathy the girl I had met one night,she liked me and we started talking everyday and then she started telling me what Craig and David was talking about and saying about me,she told me that daivd and Craig broke into my house and sold the clothes in the projects and she said she had my wife black leather skirt, I was like that’s crazy my own brothers she said they didn’t like me and David said he ain’t helping no crossed eyed mother fucker get out,she said Craig showed her every house we robbed,she knew everything and she said she wasn’t gonna say shit,then I told her to tell Craig he said he was gonna take out for this shit because he was the one who did it,area days later I got a letter from Craig with a bulldog drawer on the envelope and a letter inside eatin its a doggie dog world and from that moment on I was lost,I ate nothing but boloney every day when I go out to court I picked up all the boloney sandwiches I could take back,I had real bad hemorrhoids, I would be on the phone and I would shit all over myself,I couldn’t even control myself,I was fucked up,I was doing things that I don’t even remember doing,everybody saying do this don’t do that,they tryed to give me a deal but I didnt know which way was which,hobo sending all kinds of messages, my wife saying she was raped,the prosecuter and detective saying I am going to deathrow,they had me so fucked up I changed my plea three or four times finally I was sentenced, to me my life was over be cause the people I trusted and looked out for was the people that put me in jail,but really I put myself in here because I shouldn’t of been doing what I was doing…everything came out in the open,if you are doing wrong and your family is involved then when it come down to it you will be treated just like a stranger on the streets,its a shame I had to come to jail to learn how to be a human being,but most importantly a man,you learn who your true friends are and who is really in your corner,just because that’s your family member doesn’t mean they are with you when the chips are down,I’ve learned so much about myself,life,and the people that was in my life,when reality hit you its really a bitter pill to swallow, but you have to face it if you want to move on and better yourself.I SAS out there running the streets doing what I thought was some good shit,I ran the streets my whole life because that’s all I knew,I’ve never had any one in my life that was positive and told me this how this work and in order to get from point a to z this is what you got to do,I didn’t have that-from a kid I was taught to do wrong so I didn’t know better even as I grew older it grew with me because I wasn’t trying to learn nothing the streets was my life and family and I ran wild and I looked for love out there but those street don’t love nobody,I remember my only friend was the dogs that I was stealing and keeping in the basement of a building, I stole all kinds of dogs,big,little it didn’t make a different dogs was my friend,I was told to go to church but didn’t know what church was,all I knew was people was jumping around and hollaring,so what was I going there for?I didn’t know anything about life I just went with it,whatever happened, I got older I was learning nothing either, I just knew money and whatever it took to put it in my pocket it got done,I stole,broke in house’s,stole cars,ran in places and snatched money,that’s how I grew up,I never should of came to Cleveland, my whole life changed,I thought selling drugs was for older folks,selling dope and all the easy money changed me and seeing everybody in these cars I didn’t want to be without,I got married to someone that wasn’t ready for what I did for her and the kids…

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