Sean Brown


How do I say this?
How can words truly describe what Brotherhood is?
I mean, it’s more than just a word or a phrase,
It’s more like a Symbol that burns ablaze;
Impressed on Our Souls,
Warming the Spirit when the world’s so cold.
A Brotherhood represents a Bond that’s been formed,
It forges Family Ties when everyone else is gone.
It let’s You know that You’re never alone,
True Brotherhood helps Us have the Strength to carry on.
See, a Brother can be a Family Member without being related,
Trust & Respect are Principles which prevent Bonds from being separated.
Because time can pass & locations can change,
But True Connections are forever the same.
I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what Brotherhood means,
But I think We can all agree that it extends beyond the average everyday schemes.

DOC #1083630

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