Marvin Burrage


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I tryed to be a good husband, not to make no excuse but I didn’t know what the hell I was doing,don’t no book come on how to be a husband or what to expect, all I knew is the dream I told myself once you in you in for life ain’t no such thing as a divorce, you have to do everything in your power to make it work,I might not have been the best husband but I know for a fact I was a dam good DAD,all the shit I did in the streets, family all ways came first.. some time I would stay on the block all night to make sure we had what we needed..any time I was out there in those streets I would hear my name being called but no one was ever there,some times at night I would just drive around,maybe up and down the freeway that’s the only time I felt free.I would pull up at the clubs and people be wanting to talk to me and I don’t even know them but they would tell me,listen Marv if you need anything just let me know-you don’t have to be out here like that,I would go in dope house’s and soon as I get in the door niggars is throwing money and dope everywhere I have to say man I ain’t come for that I came to chill,that just told me everybody knew what we was doing,so I told myself I had to move and get away from this shit,I knew I had to get my money up and fast,hobo came over one night and said let’s go to Milwaukee, my wife didn’t want me to go but I told her its cool,we get to Milwaukee get to my brother Tony house at 6:39 am we took care of business quick, later that night at the hotel hobo ask if know any girls so i went over trina house she had a friend over there and they was drunk and i knew this wasnt gonna end good,so at the hotel tony show up hobo is in the other room then trina get to trippin talking about Bucky you fucked my sister i tolld her i aint do shit,so now she want to act crazy i told her if she didnt calm down i was gonna call security she thought i was playing so i called tony jumped in the closet when security came I told them put her out when they opened the closet tony scared the shit out of them we all was laughing so hard,but we get to the van she still talking crazy man I was glad to take her home,i told Tammy I would send her a bus ticket her and my brother Craig, when they got there I gave her all the money pointed out the window how to get downtown because we had a room in the hotel next to the bus station,me Craig and hobo hit up Milwaukee we do our thing I show Craig something he was like man how the fuck you know,but the next day we got back on the freeway I wanted to buy me a car but hobo was ready to go he was getting scared,I was driving when he woke up we was in the projects in the chi hobo was like man we got to go,so he drove just to get home,but it was cool,I thought shit was going good but here it is that time of the month for Tammy she want to leave so I take her to her moms,I hit the block its jumping for two days I sell dope,then I got to go downtown to see some people about probation, so all that day me and my son BOO kicked it,later that night hobo said something about a lick,so I took BOO back to his moms and for the first time ever Jessica met me at the door and said daddy can I go now and I just stood there for a minute then I said I’ll pick you up tomorrow, that night we did a robbery, somebody got hurt for no reason and I hear somebody calling my name but no one is there,at that moment I tell Craig I am done its over,I let him talk me to going in the next house and I would regret that move for the rest of my life..after everything was over I went for a walk I told myself I was gonna go do this time for this drug case and come home to a fresh start,but I really wanted to leave for Milwaukee that night but I couldn’t run out on my family,but little did I know that’s what I would be doing anyway when I go to jail,so the next day I seen some man I told him I shoot dice for a living and never had a job I know I was putting myself in jail by saying this but something was telling me I had to lay low for awhile,so later that day I go over to Tammy mom house,Jessica say she ready to go home so I say whoever ready to go home let’s go and I ain’t waiting me and Jessica walk down the stairs get in the car BOO hollering wait so now Tammy ready to go home well her birthday is in area days,we get home eat take baths and fuck the rest of the night I hear Tammy crying talking about you taking it all..the next day I take her shopping we spend all day together like a family, the next day I tell her me and boo is going to the mall she start a fight so I just set there because she saved me some money and that’s cool with me,this woman is really crazy she go from zero to a hundred in a second…the last few days we spent together was good I told her what to do while I was gone but she didn’t listen because she had plans for herself..the judge gave me 6 months, I didn’t even look back when they lead me away,I’m in the county waiting to ride out to start my time,I ain’t even in here area days when shit on the outside is going crazy,I call the bat phone that’s the phone booth on the corner my brother David answer the phone and tell me Craig done went crazy and told Angie he killed the niggar she was fucking,I said DAV he didn’t do that he said Marv he up stairs right now fucking her in front of everybody talking shit,the next day they ride me out to Lorain, well there my moms and Tammy come see me it was a good visit,the next thing I know I see my brothers on TV being arrested Willie and David,then the detective came and seen me first of all I was in Lorain under the wrong name Tom Bull that was my name 233565 I told them I didn’t no what they was talking about but little did I know they knew everything,I had I think 11 days left before I got out then I get this letter saying I could get out early if I wrote the judge for shock probation…..

DOC #256-209

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