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The Torah, Asarah Dabar, Chen Elohim, by Matthew Puccio

Torah is translated from Hebrew into English as Law.

Asarah Dabar is translated as Ten Commandments. Mitzvah is another translation meaning commandment and sometimes as covenant. So a Jewish male receiving his bar Mitzvah is becoming a son of the commandment or covenant.

Chen Elohim means Grace of God.

This is to help understand what the Ten Commandments are for, why the law was given, and the importance of grace.

The Commandments are to show us values, morals, and our sins. They are statutes to how a true Christian is to live.

One particular commandment that Jesus gave sticks out. Jesus told us to love all of those around us no matter what. That means despite race, creed, upbringing, background, or personal lifestyle.

When I say that I am a firm believer in All Lives Matter, I am bringing the Gospel message of love to the world. I am doing as Jesus has commanded me to do.

This command is so bazaar that some find it useless, but how else can we bring the love of God into the world if we don’t love as God loves us?

There are 613 Levitical laws that are so harsh and strict that we will never be able live up to them. We will just fail over and over again. That brings up a major issue here. Why can’t the law help us? We need GRACE.

It’s by God’s dear grace we can come to Him and believe in Him and become saved.

Galatians Chapters 2 and 5 are very clear in the need for God’s grace. Let’s now compare them is a brief matter. Please read them to get more knowledge when you are able.

They both express that the law will only condemn us to Hell. The law will separate us from Jesus Christ. Grace is the only way we can truly be saved. If it wasn’t for God’s grace, where would you be this day spiritually?

The world needs men and women willing to lose it all for Jesus. If you were to gain the whole world and all it has to offer you will only lose your soul.

In the ’90s there was a terrible event that shocked this nation. That event was a school shooting known as The Columbine School Shooting.

Some of the people that were targeted and murdered were Christians. They were asked similar questions before the same result.

The questions were simple in every way, but so full of treachery. They were as follows: Do you really believe in God? Do you want to live? They were then told to deny God and they will live. Each Christian answered No I WILL NOT deny God. They had a bullet put through their head. These were recorded by survivors from the event.

Where is that type of faith now? Where are the men and women of God that are so passionate about who He is they are willing to risk everything just to give God the glory He deserves? Jesus taught us that a friend lays down his life for his friends. Jesus then later on stretched out His arms, was nailed to a cross and died for His friends. We are His friends. Why then should we hold our lives back for Jesus our friend?

Why fear man when all we can do is kill the body? It is God who can kill body AND the soul, but where has the fear of God gone?

The body of Christ is supposed to be His hands, feet, and mouthpiece during out time on Earth. I must ask a very important question. Will you be willing to lose your life and be used by God for His glory? That’s not a rhetorical question either.

Will you take the Grace of God to others even if it means your life must be forfeited in the process? Will you prove yourself a friend of Jesus?

Do you feel a fire burning inside of you like someone who is crying out that refuses to stop?

That brothers and sisters is the Holy Spirit moving in you in such a way that He is preparing you for such a task. I believe in God and I will shout it from the mountain tops. Nothing will stop me from serving God.

The law will destroy all who follow it or even try to. Allow the grace of God to overtake you and bring you deeper into His presence. It is the Chen Elohim that WILL save you from the perils of this world.

I pray that those who read this, hear this message, or even just pass it on will come to know the God that only knows how to prosper and win.

Matthew Puccio #667-706
LeCI P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036

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  1. So are we fighting for Jesus or God ? Is there a difference ? Are you referring to a spiritual fight or literal fight ?


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