Dominic Berlingeri Jr.

In the mind of a man with the heart of love for women, by Dominic Berlingeri Jr

what is love to you ? is it just a word that some say to each other ?
love as I know is a deep feeling a feeling you have in your heart for another human you have unconditional love for your children if you have any and I say unconditional love because that love will never go away at all .Now when it comes to a man having love for a woman or a woman having love for a man why can’t it be unconditional ? This is my out look at it we tend to say we love each other when in a relationship but hurt each other when in a relationship I’m saying we because as a man I’ve learned not to blame because you allways have fingers pointing back at yourself if your blaming your partner as a man ive learned to own my faults but why do we hurt each other if we are able to say I love you to each other ? why do people cheat on eachother if they say I love you ? I love you means I respect you I love you means I will not hurt you I love means I will cherish you I love you means your my queen and I will treat you as one a Queen. Now I say that to say this I’m not perfect but I’ve never cheated on a woman and that because my mother raised me with morals but me be loyal in all my relationships only got me hurt or cheated on my loyalty in relationships I’ve been in never got me what I want in a relationship and that’s loyalty in return so I tend to always evaluated my self all the time and can never see myself as a problem its allways been the women I’ve chosen because they have been the ones to be disloyal to me or cheat on me all I ever wanted was that special woman .
Funny story because yes I’m in prison . I got in a relationship with a corrections officer here at the prison now the whole the we are talking I’m telling her what I want out of a woman a real loyal relationship and she is like your to fine for me to belive you would be just mine I’m like my mom raised me to be a one woman man I’ve never and I mean never cheated in any relationship I’ve been in so one thing lead to another long story short we got caught she got fired and we stayed in contact for about 6 months so I’m like to I found a loyal woman we are talking about me coming home living together our future ect. So it went from her wanting me to call all the time to she can’t pick up so even tho it was painful because I let my heart get involved I felt something was wrong so I started to call less and then come to find out she was living with another man she says she is not in a relationship with but one day I call and he picks up her phone I he starts talking crazy to me I’m like I’m not going to get in a argument with this man on the phone and I’m in prison there is no point so I let him talk crazy on the phone and then that’s when I hear him hit her breaks my heart even more because no woman deserves to be hit at all let alone by a man and I don’t understand why some women stand around and let that happen that’s not love and no woman deserves to be treat like that so I leave her alone because she lied to me was disloyal to me and to him so not a woman I want so she trys to write me I tell her respectfully she needs to get her self together get help call the police she don’t deserve to any man put hands on her she did not care to listen she tried to tell me more lies so I had to end it in all again it broke my heart so much to have to hear this woman get beat by a man and she just stayed in a relationship lime that .My mind goes around and around thinking when will I find a woman that will love to have a loyal man that has morals and will respect her treat her like a queen and cherish her every day she lives what is the real meaning of love to woman ? just something I want feed back on what do woman really want out of a real man ? Do woman really know when a real man is sitting right in front of them ? do women know how a man should be treating women the proper way with the up most respect and loyalty and do women understand they ARE to be CHERISHED at all times by man because with out Woman there is no man no human women reproduce not men we are nothing with out women I have the upmost respect for you all so please remember ladies there are still good men out here in the world even if some are in prison just know what love really is and know you deserve to be treated like the queens you are that’s real love take care blessings to you all

when a woman falls in love she will be the image of exalted Venus excited ,inspired and mesmerized her attention will be turned exclusively towards the subject of her desire and she will enjoy every single moment of the rush of feelings that flood her heart as soon as she feels love she starts acting like a little child, certain that this partner could be the one .her laughter and attractiveness come naturally when she is in love and she will gain incredible strength from her feelings as if the world finally makes sense it is the rational moments in life that drain her energy out of her and emotions will charge her batteries no matter how long the relationship last.
because are powerful in my eyes
I love all you women in this world
please always love yourself and know your self worth because your worth more then you may understand
respectfully one love the heart of the Puerto Rican one

Dominic Berlingeri Jr
DOC #583-358

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