Attention: Free David Easley, by DAVID EASLEY

Mood: hydra & the dragon (Black August)

Location: Restrictive housing (Toledo Ohio)

Black lives matter salute!!! Fuck the police coming straight from the underground.

Reporting live from maximum security restrictive housing. On my way home early this year.

Its been a wild year after DRO put the restrictive housing units under investigation Nov 2019 Warden Bowerman was placed under investigation and forced to resign.

Then our unit manager Juan Hernandez was placed under investigation followed by a criminal indictment. Then officer Recinbaugh got indicted during the month of February and March 2020.

Then somehow I got on investigator Elder hit list in April 2020 after sending blanket emails and alerting covid-19 hotlines about the fucked up conditions inside…

Groups of prisoners including myself got false charges of engaging in disruptive protest. Aramark took our breakfast statewide and started serving brunch do to covid-19 quarantine social distancing.

The food was short prisoners started setting off fire alarms popping fire sprinklers, holding food hatches getting maced everyday. Lt. Biederman hit a prisoner with his PR stick. So another prisoner threw urine and body waste on Biederman.

ODRC and prosecutors office told the judge to deny my covid-19 judicial release and said I organized the protest on the anniversary of lucasville uprising.

assholes lied on me monitored my jpay concerning social media campaign to stop Bomani Shakur execution date and said we planned disruptive protest.

I denied responsibility but their logic days later the prisoners turnt up and my unit was extremely aggressive.

The new unit manager told me 90 days no tickets they will release me to population in August. Officer Nikoli wrote ticket on me in June for attempting to convey bring in iphones & drugs for $1500.

Muhammad & Julian Mack responded to the death of George Floyd. Local news is covering the strikes to defund local police Departments.

Julian Mack & Muhammad marched in front of Toledo prison demanding our release in April/May without any media coverage after my jpays concerning lack of support in response to covid-19…

Salute to Layla G. in Brooklyn, NY I’m on my way out you ain’t seen shit yet reporting live from the other side of America…

we all hanging with a noose on our neck #A21

The new warden May now got his foot on our neck stating disciplinary sanctions for any comrades making political statements on there face mask after comrades responded to George Floyd’s death I can’t breath on jpay!!!

Recently spoke to pattituce & Associates out of Strongsville, Ohio a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of 48,000 Ohio prisoners seeking release do to covid -19 conditions inside.

So far 615 or more prisoners have died and numerous nurses and officers. Ohio prisons got hit the hardest with covid-19 Marion, Ohio made front page news.

To the Queen get well soon I know sometimes I piss u off but I worry about your health & the kids. I saw the bird watcher in New York get falsely accused of threatening a white woman! She weaponized her white privilege and instantly jasper came to mind..

Attention: Queen & comrades groups are claiming our stimulus checks something y’all should be doing on our behalf for 50% commission.

I can’t breath!!!
Comrade Easley #A21

David Easley
DOC #A306400

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