Jeremiah Morris

Realized, by Jeremiah Morris

I never realize that I would one day realize how I was living growing up. its like I studied every detail of my memory’s and that’s when I discovered so much was took away from me as a child to the point I was raised in my emotions bcause of the trauma and I think we always feel hurt when some one has robbed you of experiences from a child until where you are now. you would be angry because a lot of our trauma in the hood or everyday life, people are raised in emotions, so what happen’s. one day you realized that you was living how you was living and you had options to find a way out at some point, some of us had a lot of options and we didn’t use them because we was used to that hurt and we record that hurt and incorporate it on a normal day. so you look back and think how am I doing now, now you come to want more out of life and to see more and you realized that you realize you have to get up and go. don’t stay confine in your hurts because every hurt is different but my point is all of them different hurts that you experience. thats how we live today and we don’t realize it. in order to experience another hurt you have to exceed to another lever. higher than that hurt that make us live based off it and we know how much we can’t take and what we won’t take and we get comfortable on that Hurt all in one together and that makes life for us.
people will hurt your feeling no matter what but its how you handle it, it’s life.
I’ve now realize that the world is so big that who wants to stay in the score of hurt, why not try something new? sit back and think how you thought 10 years from now and analyzed every detail that your 2 eyes saw and that your ears heard and the emotions felt and see how much wisdom you will gain from them experiences but you can’t just think about them but analyzed your faults, opportunities and important things and think about the way you was thinking and what ever you realized is only for you to know and only for you to share with the next o your chossen but that wisdom will teach you a new experience that make you realize what life is about. Not what’s appealing to the eye but in life and what’s in life. realizes my people and this will help you see the way that you see everyday, you will realize great things that are your treasures in life to help you realize more.

Jeremiah morris
DOC #1625857

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