Demetrius Arnold


There are so many things that come against us in life that can empower us or overpower us. This is what separates us… and women from those that will press on or be pressed over. I encourage you all that have been hurt by love…to try again don’t throw off all because of one… Let the lesson of being jilted give you a masters in reciprocating the way you want to be treated. There are always what ifs to deny…but what about the what ifs to allow. Life is a series of chapters…and instead of writing a book by ourselves its nice to have a coauthor. The best book is one that’s multifaceted. There’s no guarantee of a best seller but its a certainty that some will…listen/read it. The odds are always against you….but when they are for you its a time to enjoy the wind at your back…the downhill ride..the more than you know what to do with and the get while the getting is good. Just as there has to be rain there must be sun.. Just as there has to be pain there has to be joy….Against all odds find your joy and let them know..when the chips are down I still see the odds in our favor.

Demetrius C Arnold
DOC #179-2636

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