Dennis Martin

Be Thankful, by Dennis Martin

First & foremost, all due praise goes to the Most High, just for being so loving & so merciful, never neglecting us even though we sometimes deserve it. I’m thankful for that…&… just want to give a few words of wisdom & some food for thought to my brothers & sisters.
When I allow my heart & my mind to become congruous, they look at each other face to face & simultaneously acknowledge the basis of my own self-righteousness. I walk through reality daily, searching for ways to strengthen my spiritual infrastructure…so, I ask the Most High to lead the way as my companion & guiding light throughout this lifelong journey.
I’m nowhere near a finished product, but the constant striving…&…the reviewing & understanding the many lessons of my life will eventually get me there. I am a child of the Most High & that’s more than enough reason to look to the sky & rejoice, just thanking Him for the continuous blessings. Even though I’m currently confined to these walls, I am & will ALWAYS be free on the inside.
Sometimes, we have to look within ourselves & realize that even though we may be in unfortunate situations, there’s ALWAYS someone in a situation that’s less fortunate than ours. My brothers & sisters, I ask that you open your minds & your hearts. Become one with yourself & seek prosperity through spiritual enlightenment. You’ll be surprised at the instantaneous gratitude that will consume you. Be thankful & know that you are extremely blessed.

-Forever Real-

Dennis Martin
DOC #1152550

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