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Introduction Blog, by Lonnie Roacher

hey bloggers! wow! it is so cool having this platform to express ourselves. I must give thanks to Miss Suzie and Inmate Blogger for the opprotunity first and foremost; it is truly an honor. with that being said, let get into it. my name is Lonnie Roacher , I’ve been known as ” Precise” ( or Cise for short) for more than 15 years. I’ve actually filed to have my name changed legally with the local courts and I am waiting on the decision as we speak. I am 33 years old , I am from Newport News ,Virginia by way of Williamsburg ,VA. As for my incarceration, I’ve been locked for 10 years and as of today my release date is 2025. my incarceration comes from weapons charges and assault on an officer along with a probation violation. my bad decision making does not define me nor does my incarceration and criminal history , so I will try to give u a better perspective of “Precise” through inmate blogger. if u would like to hear more about my case feel free to check out my online petition, which explains in more depth how I’ve been over sentenced which has lead to my family and I filing for conditional pardon with the governor’s office , this link will take u directly to the site:chng.it/ rbnB5bh… well, let me tell u a little about myself, first I am in love with God, he has been my beacon of hope for the last 2 years, I am a father of 2 little boys ( who r not mines biologically , but blood couldn’t make us any tighter) and a king to my fiancée. I am pretty new to this spiritual walk, however, I’ve always been a good spirited man. a true people person. But on top of that , I’ve found my god given purpose about 8 years ago to b an educator and an insightful leader . I plan to start a non profit learning center where I can teach the youth while assisting the community , with many programs and exercises . I also want to dedicate time to building the male/ female relationship and parenting classes as I know and understand the youth to b a vital building block for our future. therefore they must b groomed properly and led by a tribe… here I go straight into educator mode.lol! I am also into the arts ( specifically writing music and spoken word) if y’all r interested and reading some of my pieces all u need to do is ask 🙂 until then, I look forward to contributing and blogging with as many as possible , I’m super excited! I know there will b some critical thinkers here. that said, if anyone is interested in knowing me better or has any questions , u can reach me by signing up on my Jpay account :Lonnie Roacher #1019965 or u can message me and send a friend request on facebook by searching Lonnie Roacher . I can’t wait . ttyl. lol!

Lonnie Roacher
DOC #1019965

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