Deonte Leary

Ignorance Is Slavery, by Deonte Leary

Lock em’ up, We don’t care,
Soon we’ll forget their even there,
Ignore their cries through the wall,
Don’t let them rise, But watch them fall,
Curses, blemishes, disgraced they are,
In the land of the free, but freedom is afar,
They strive, they fight, but to no avail,
Success or failure they cannot tell,
They take what we give,
they believe what we say,
And as long as we live it shall be this way
Their women are wounded, their children are lost,
Their history is forgotten, the pay the cost,
We teach them, for they cannot teach themselves,
We lead them, for they cannot lead themselves,
They do not know the way, that is to our praise,
If they ever find it, O what an awful day.

Deonte Leary
DOC #625942

Categories: Deonte Leary, poems

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