Raymond Chen

What I Recall, by Raymond Chen

The little thing that I noticed I'd randomly perform.
Often I would wrap hair ties around my hand,
For reasons beyond my own understanding.
At first, I would tie my own hair up, get myself ready to perform martial art on stage.
Where I fought and acted, with precision and finesse, feeling free to express outside my personal
Then I would help my partners and crew alike, helping them with their hair, so they won't be a
We performed as a team to the world, we strive! Our show would always be in its own class.
So prideful, so successful, but it will all soon cease, where one by one they leave, year after year.
Every year, I became the remnant of the few, who falls to loneliness, thus is our fear.
The fear I spoke, is nothing so vile, just my loneliness and depression, which hurts so much.
Felt lonely and tarnished, where did everyone go? Try to find my own way, where shall I
The crossed hair ties on my hand marks not only my pride, but also my loyalty and scar.
When I saw it again, it all reminds me of the pain.
'Specially now, those memories led to my nightmares, and my dance crew is my bane.
Everything I had before, are just fleeting dreams.
Again in these days, is just a physical and mental pain.

Raymond Chen
EEZ289 #18015160
Elmwood Complex
701 S. Abel St.
Milpitas, CA 95035

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