Greg Andreotti

by Greg Andreotti

It’s been an interesting week, the speakers that missed their scheduled times last week because of weather made it this week. The most interesting of them was a group called Parents of Murdered Children. Listening to them talk to a bunch of drug dealers, Woman beater, sex offenders and murders about the strength and freedom found in forgiveness and that we need to forgive ourselves. Well this is in my opinion nothing short of an act of God. Much like Halsey’s (ex Father in-law and co author of this Blog) actions when I was charged with my offence 4 years ago. I will never forget the phone call when I asked him “why do you bother with me? Why haven’t you given up on me too? What he said and what I heard I’m sure are two different things but, what I heard from him was: ” God wouldn’t let me “. We are made in God’s image and we all know through his son we are forgiven so, if God can forgive us and we are made in his image we will possess the power to forgive through his strength. If not for the power instilled in Halsey by God I would not be fighting for my soul now.

Well I don’t know why this post went off in that direction but I’m not taking it back. It was meant to be for whatever reason. So, back to what really made this week interesting. I was recommended for a new job working with individuals who have mental or physical disabilities. These positions are highly scrutinized by the DOC and very hard to get so to even be recommended for the job tells me someone here is recognizing the effort I’ve put into bettering myself. Its unlikely I will actually get the job but as far as I’m concerned it’s a win. Hey you take what you can get in a place like this!!!!!

Greg Andreotti
OID #247877
Faribault prison
Faribault Mn.

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