Jason Flannery

Introduction Blog, by Jason Flannery

I was born March 30th, 1975, which makes me 45. I have three sons, by my ex wife. Their names are Jason the second, Ray, and Isaiah. They are my only good achievements in life. Nothing nor anyone is as important as them to me.
I have been in prison since Feb 3rd of 2003, and my official release date is July 16th of 2030. I was sentenced to 28 years flat.
I love to read. Two of my favorite books are, Pillars of the earth, by Ken Follett, and One Summer, by David Baldacci. Two completely different, yet equally brilliant books.
Back in February I completed a basic Turf Management course and was about to be enrolled in an Apprenticeship for Horticulture, but the the corona virus pandemic arose and we have been on lockdown since. Rumor has it we may go back to class the 20th of this month. I sure hope so.
Until then it is like groundhog day every day here, but life will go on as always.
I suppose that is enough about me for now. I am always willing to answer any questions not already answered herein.
Anyone can feel free to write to me at P.O. box 8107, Mansfield, Ohio, 44901.
or email me at Jpay.com.

Jason Flannery
DOC #A442-298

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