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My name is Deonte Leary. I am 27 years of age. I’ve been incarcerated for over 11 years. If I complete the entirety of my sentence I should be home around the end of 2024. Its definitely been a long journey. I am the second oldest of five children by my mother. I was incarcerated when I had just turned 16. Before incarceration I prided myself on playing football for Withrow High School in Cincinnati where I lived. I also boxed for BBC in Lexington, Kentucky with coach cooper. Life was rough for my family, and especially rough on my mother, being single and trying to raise five kids on her own. Combined, my siblings and I had been in front of a juvenile judge at least twenty times. I regret the pain we put momma through. To help make ends meet I would break into homes and steal whatever I could of value to be able to provide for myself. Momma never knew really because I would mask my corruption with an honest hustle in doing lawn work around the neighborhood. A lot of the neighbors never expected I was the bandit either because of the way I carried myself. But eventually after so many times of going to juvenile for petty criminal trespasses the juvenile system grew weary of me and sent me to the big house where the judge seemed to have a vengeance on a person like me. He had no mercy in his eyes when he told me I would possibly spend the16 years in prison. I remember the tears and the pain I saw in my mother face to this day. I spend my days learning, working out, and kicking it with my friends. I play the keyboard at church. I try to be as positive as I can be everyday. And I love to speak my mind so look forward to hear from me as I look to hear from you.

Deonte Leary #625942
Madison Correctional Institution
London, Ohio 43140

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