We The People, by Harvey Banner

We the people… Need to stop and see just how easy it is for us to be.. We The People….. Just as we have come together to bring about change in our communities We The People can also stop the drug epidemic and bring an end to the systemic forms of seperation of classism. This has nothing to do with schools whose budgets are cut and stripped of their tools, how do we educate when we are forced to eliminate but the prisons will accept you… We the people… Everybody beleives in a second chance unless you were a defendant where someone took the stand, will you raise your right hand “swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth” thats not even where the lies began but its We the people… Guilty until proven innocent even before losing your innocence thats the procedure when you’re indigent wipe off them tears dont even start cryin in a 12×10 cell is where you’re residing never to be seen from no mo’ by the way you still owe so dont forget to pay the at the door Damn!… We the people… From the richest nation on the earth where you’re doomed from the day of your birth what is that certificate worth? We the people….. You borrowed against my name how much interest did you gain. made a killin off the sweat of my back then turn around and charge me a tax I thought we all were equal again I was wrong… We the people….
All poor people lookin for change, rich people aviod capital gains if your making a lot there is a loop hole to spot its there if you’re using your brain..We the people…. please someone explain is the country broke? Is my birth certificate a Bank note. if so who has been using my name, where do i file my claim? Who is to answer for this grave injustice and will they do it again…We the people..
We the people of the United States of America

Harvey Banner#362241@ or

Harvey Banner #362241
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First Street
Coldwater, Mi. 49036

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