Sean Brown

Reboot, by Sean Brown

Reflecting on New Beginnings & Old Endings,
Wondering if beginnings are getting old & if maybe I should start embracing endings;
The Universe is sending Me so many messages but Time is bending,
And My capacity to get a grip seems to be relenting;
Lamenting the past adds fuel to the bonfire of regrets burning in My Soul,
The Fire rage on without the need for logs, kindle, or charcoal;
Yet if I stare long enough into the midst of that inferno I’m able to find Hope,
Just a glimmer of a chance to not repeat the same dance steps which led to My endeavors getting broke,
In the first place, chasing an off-rhythm while Btw beat didn’t even start.
New Endings & Old Beginnings got Me contemplating whether there’s really any difference,
Back & forth ’round the Globe, all these motions leave My Thoughts twisted;
Is this the normal reflection on the cusp of a New Age?
If the goal is to perform better, then does that mean that I need to step onto a new stage?
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”,
But if e material no longer works then it’s time to revise & remix it;
Since the Game’s so corrupted, it’s time to change the Game.
Hold on! Life isn’t a game, it’s as serious as taxes, brake lines & a Child’s Name.
Our misunderstandings cause Us to confuse waterfalls for deadly flames,
And it’s no wonder We get nowhere fast, spending all of Our resources on trying to find someone to blame;
False starts & ruined finishes,
Breathless Meditations reveal the Wisdom to be found in the most unpredictable fragmented sentences.
What is this?

DOC #1083630

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