Major McCormick

There’s A Reason For The Dirt On My Face, by Major McCormick

Some people have accepted what life has thrown them. Life throws them a peanut they have peanuts, life throws them an apple they have apples, lemons, grapes, etc.. The ones who know there’s more to life dont just accept grapes, they make wine, use lemons for tea, apples for cider and pie, they don’t accept peanuts in life they make peanut butter.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I refuse to settle for status quo. You sit me in prison on false charges, you claim Im a savage (code word for black) but medical records proved there was not a scratch, no acute finding, lumps, concussions, loss of consciousness, signs of serious injury to any part of the persons body nothing savage about it, but yet I’m in prison for he say she say, oh and a headache, a mountain of lies, and the obvious race issue, but yet I can smile, I’m not bitter.
I hold no guilt, I walk outside of the falsehood that was placed on me. I won’t sit back and rot, I don’t accept status quo, I dont sit around and stare at prisoners, guards, or bobwired fences. I use the minute I wake until I go to sleep, sharpening my mind. I don’t participate in the drug, or alcohol scene. I look beyond the people in mental bondage those who are truly entangled with the system. I see the sky before I see a fence, I enjoy the scenery that exist outside of the institution. I never count the bricks on the wall or get caught up with the scenery inside of the fence. I ignore all negative communication. I followed a multimillion dollar plan into existence. Now im California dreaming. When I wake on the other side of this fence…. I’ll be living a dream, because I chose to follow the ones who learned to make something out of nothing. When they threw me in prison I turned it into a gold mine.

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167

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