John Salyers Jr.

My Interview With A Goddess, by John (Joni) Salyers

* And no, my dears, I didn’t just gaze admiringly into my makeup mirror and talk to myself for an hour this time either!

So now, I welcome blessed Hekate, beloved Goddess of all of us
sacred witches.

ME: “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to get to know you a bit more intimately, and thereby giving my readers the opportunity to do so as well.”

So began my journey of discovery of the very popular among one of the most revered Goddesses of the ancient world.

ME: “Please lovely sister, do tell us who you are.”

HER : “I am Hekate, the Greek Goddess of magical crossroads and the three realms of Earth, Sea, and Sky.”
“I am the guardian of the household, protectress of all things newly born, and Mother to all witches.”
“I am sister Goddess to Selene, and Artemis, whom we all are associated with the moon, and lunar energies.”

ME: “Ms. Thang”, I can clearly see that you are quite lovely, in your depiction of the Crone aspect of the “Triple Moon Goddess”(Mother, Maiden, Crone).”
“Have you always been known as such?”

HER: “In ancient times I was known as Mother, and Maiden, as well.”

ME: “Blessed Mother Hekate, please tell us of your most sacred and passionate duties, our beloved Goddess.”

HER: “Well my lovely, loyal “wanna-be Goddess” in training, I will confess to you, much like yourself, I am considered a solitary kinda gal, and even though I am unwilling to sacrifice my independence to marriage, I do take my duty as protectress of the household quite seriously.”
My greatest passion is devotion and love for my daughter witches, world round, as well as for those of you blessed “wise women” of sacred “two spirits.”
I give counsel to those at the crossroads, and given my insight into my ability to see into the past, present, and future, my blessed instruction is priceless.

ME: Yes, dear readers;
no party gal, this Queen of the Night, with her ability to peer into the blackest of darkness, sometimes travels with a following of ghosts and other social outcasts, and is both honored, and feared as the protectress of the oppressed and those whom society marginalizes.

This is such a comfort, and a source of strength for myself as a transgendered male to female, and seemingly should be to my convict counterparts as well.

Given the quickly approaching proximity to my most important crossroad, which is the possibility of my being granted a parole in a few months time, I sincerely pray for your affirmative blessings, Mother Hekate, for a symbolic rebirth into a newly born child of society and the world.”


John (Joni) Salyers
DOC #185067

PS – Goin’ for aortic replacement heart surgery in a few days.
Please send hugs & prayers…
Bye for now!
Rainbow love ❤ 🙂

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