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we was married October 25 1990 at the justice center we was dressed in matching Skiz outfits BLACK AND BLUE CHECKERED JUMPER AND MATCHING BLACK ELISE’S, when we walked in a I seen all them polices I had to shit I made it to the bathroom, I really don’t remember to much of that day,but Boo and Jessica was with us and we was a family.. we was together every day like a family but we still had problems like everybody else Tammy still wanted to run the clubs and I kept telling her long as your business is tooken care of at home you can do what you want,but she just didn’t understand that she always tryed to get slick and sometimes her mother would tell her she need to do what she had to do, one night me and Tammy was on our way to red lobster going up kinsman Looney wave me down and ask if he could get my Uzi I told him we was going out to dinner but I will let him get it when I come back,after we went to dinner I came back down kinsman and it looked like a ghost town,so when we got on the block everybody was saying Looney got his head blower off that’s when I said I just seen Looney so everybody thought it was Dee that got shot,two days later I am at the house,its about 11 at night Tammy and the kids are sleep,I hear a knock at the door it was hobo telling me to come over for a minute when I get over there Dee,Diaz Jason ask me to come in the bathroom to talk then they ask me about Looney and who he was with I said he was with some dude in a team jacket and I don’t know who he was,I knew I had to get out this bathroom but I knew they wasn’t gonna shot me in that bathroom because there was to many people in the house,I seen the look they gave each other,then Dee said would I go with them to look for dude I said OK just let me get my coat,yeh they fucked up when they let me get in my house I put the 32 clip in my Uzi and I walked from the front pouch to the back pouch I was killing whoever tryed to get in,I didn’t wake Tammy because I didn’t want her getting sacred and acting crazy,but they never knocked on the door for me because they knew they fucked up when I got in my house,I watching from the window I watched them get into a beat up green van,but I stayed up all night I didn’t tell Tammy what happen because the first thing she would of did was went for hobo,but I had a plain for him because he is a snake..,laying in bed one night the phone rang it was her brother Mike saying he was at the club and Joe Bruce’s was trying to show out around hobo a and his buddy about some money,I got out the bed me and Tammy, all I had at that time was a two shoot Dillinger, going by the block we picked up cousin tuffie and my little sis when we got to the parking lot Mike told us what happen so now we are trying to get in the club but door man wouldn’t let us in,I told him I am here every night with hobo and he said I know who you are but I can’t let you in,the next thing you know two girls is trying to get past us to get in,I hand Mike the gun and tell him I am going to give dude some money to let us in but before that could happen he is letting them girls in and I here Tammy say how the fuck you gonna let them weave wearing bitchest in and we can’t get in then one of the girls said you a bicth next thing I know Tammy was whipping ass then I heard a gun shot and then we was in the middle of the dance floor ready for whatever as I looked around I seen Cadillac holding one of the girls up and her shirt was red I knew what had happen I told everybody it was time to go when we got outside I seen Chuck burning rubber out the parking lot and I never seen him dog his car like that,now we are in front of the house when hobo and Joe Bruce pull up we trying to fight but he talking about wait tell his dude come,I keep seeing Quinn car drive by two or three times,I go up stairs to use the bathroom when I get back down stairs Chuck is standing there with a tec9 my first thought was to run but you can’t run from a bullet,then he said who shot my sister we all said we didn’t know so he pointed the gun at hobo and asked him who shot his sister and hobo said Mike shot your sister I said Chuck my brother didn’t shot your sister,he tryed to point the gun at Mike my sister tryed to push it away and said he didn’t shot your sister,he turned like he was going to walk away thee he turned around just as fast and shot four or five times we didn’t know what happen,Mike was setting on the steps and I was like let’s get out of here that’s when he said I’m shot I said where he was shot in both of his legs,we get to the hospital we waiting to see what’s going on,they said he would make it so we all go home,I beep Chuck he call me back I say my brother didn’t shot your sister and we need to meet he said we ain’t got nothing to talk about and it didn’t concern me and hung up,I knew we was going to war because didn’t nobody fuck with one of us and we didn’t get back,the next night we moved up out of there,we moved down stairs from my moms and she would beat on the window every morning at 7 am,Mike had to get cask on both legs and he was staying with Lisa this niggar would call me late at night talking about his leg hurt and he wanted to go to the hospital I got to drive over,, help him down the stairs and then back up,this dam near every nite, and after about a month in a half he was able to get around by his self, this niggar was out selling dope in two leg cask,that’s my dog,one day we riding around police pull us over I would normally just out and run I don’t care who’s in the car,but I stayed and we both went to jail,I got out the next day and they wouldn’t let him out,they set his bail high but I paid it…

DOC #256-209

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