Davin Wallace

We Got What U Looking For, by Davin Wallace

This has been an inspiring and uplifting day, even from physical imprisonment. I “woke up”, something alone worthy of joy. In addition, I woke up to have my heart & mind set on fellowshipping with the Lord, which I truly did, and then adding to that I read a jewel from one of my lil “brothers” (grown man for sure though), titled “Change For A Change”, by Dean Martin a.k.a $leepy. I already knew this young man was full of fire & intellect for the purpose of bringing positive change to the world, in & outside of prison. I take joy in fellowshipping or just kicking it with people who are like minded, and its more electrifying when it’s people on this side of the fence, for the simple facts its confirmation for me that rehabilitation & renewing is possible & evident, which gives me relief that I’m not the only one here that has chosen to make being “square” cool or recognizing “square” been cool (smh). I encourage the world to take a moment out to fill your spirit & be enlighten by a few great young men, my brothers: Dean Martin ($leepy) & L.Roacher (Precise) who not only have dedicated to give to others in here but to those who are in the free world, even & specifically to those who may consider us their enemy. Me personally, I accept the fact I got something to prove, and that is that I’m capable & willing to impact this world by giving my all for the world to know the God in me is waiting to pour into all.. Instead of looking for the reasons to be in pain, find joy in “this day”, and a great place to begin to look is in the forever faithful God, especially when we seem to cant find it in others or ourselves.
Love All & God Bless Y’all!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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