Major McCormick

A Rising Star, by Major McCormick

Oprah Winfrey said something that has stuck with me for years. She mentioned how she lost friends and family along her climb of success, some people just burned off, fizzled away. She called it the atmosphere effect. Some of your friends, associates, and family are not equipped to travel at certain heights. They loose oxygen, energy, strength, focus. Astronauts have to endure a variety of challenges and training before they can be amongst the stars, leave the ozone layer and travel through space. The only people that make the trip rather its to the moon or some other part of the galaxy are those that prepare with you. This is why once many have made it to be stars or some type of celebrity (Great successes included) They’ve already left behind those who know why they had to be left, those who wanted to leave and those who couldn’t keep up(For whatever the reason.) Whatever and whoever you make your priority is a choice. If you expect gold or better don’t meddle around with people who allow time between you and them or a simple request to collect dust. The only exception to this rule is if its gold dust. This is what stars are made of.

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167

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