Uncommon Allah

First Thing’s First,RESPECT! by Uncommon Reality Allah

Peace. To do the Knowledge means, to know,look,listen,learn,observe,and also RESPECT all things in existence. In,and when doing so, then and there does it allow one to be in the center of the Cipher(which is any person,place or thing that’s complete within itself, too,consisting of 120 degrees Knowledge, 120 degrees Wisdom, 120 degrees Understanding,all being born to 360 degrees in constant rotation) faced with the duty of being able to withstand the test of time. Of course,heavy is the head who wears the crown,and to whom much is given much is required. B.U.T.(Born.Universal.Truth),these types of responsibilities and accountabilities are innate and ordained within us all,it’s just that when will we ever tap into our own true,divine self and be one with it. We seem to find life that much easier when applying Supreme Mathematics, all of which is the law of the Universe,but why the hard times of “not” showing and proving each and everyday and in each and every way:(?. That’s in reference to the Universe within us, and the Universe outside us. Macrocosm and Microcosm should I say.? I walk and talk Mathematics and at the same time,save self and help others to save themselves, as well. We’re all interdependent, which means that we need each other to survive and beyond, so knowing that, Equality is inevitable for Love,Peace and Happiness now a day. And in order to cross that bridge, that we tend to come to faithfully, we have to indeed respect one another. Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus defines RESPECT as, to feel or show esteem, deference or honor to; to refrain from violating, treat with consideration (eg a person’s privacy, innocence, desire not to discuss). These are the very same needs that we fast and pray for,so then why not see your fellow brother and sister in the same light.? What I want for self,is what I want for my brother and sister. When we’re with RESPECT, the ride is Peace and fulfilling, one can’t lose. Whenever we make the choice to go against the grain,a misunderstanding is in the make,so let’s do all things right and exact shall we.?. In the process of it all,we educate one another in ways sometimes way pass our imagination, but it’s all out of love and for the betterment of our growth and development. Pardon self,but I take this infinite time to pay homage and REPSECT:) to, Gracious Black Earth,a sister whose Wisdom penetrated my mind upon my first encounter with her,and still does to this day. You demand RESPECT to the utmost, which is that undeniable and attractive. It’s a honor to have learned something about you,and from you. Let us continue to build Heaven on Earth and destroy the devil’s so-called civilization. Peace to the Queen:). With all thee above,I leave you the same way I came,in Peace. Until we build….

True And Living Quality,

Uncommon Reality Allah
DOC #1043719

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