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HER, by Mario Collier

Does this sound familiar, every since I was a child being forced to attend church services and listen to preachers give their sermons, I always felt like their was something missing. I’m not a super religious individual, but I do comprehend what I read. I’m going to give you an account from the eyes of a black Child watching his mother, but by no means do I want this to be defined by race, that’s too small and this isn’t capable of being confined. This is relevant to all woman, I just happen to be black. Supernatural attributes, I grew up in Detroit, the Jefferies projects, in a fourteen story building. It was five children with my mother as the head. When I read these attributes that describe god, most attribute these automatically to a man. I’m reminded of my humble childhood, and so many other women raising families, alone. I have personally seen my mother take bread and make it feed our household. She made things so unnatural, appear to be natural. So much so, that I didn’t realize that we were poor until someone pointed it out to me. She made sure we had everything that we needed, and sometimes, we got a want. I watched her endure abusive men and still be able to make sure we were alright. Sacrifice, I remember her cooking all day in the kitchen, and then telling us to come and eat. I had it pointed out to me by my sister, that she never ate. We would eat and she would clean the dishes, but I can’t remember one time that she ate, always made sure her children did though. Being a boy without a father, he passed when I was six months old. There was no shortage of discipline. I would get expelled from school and they would call my mother, I knew I was through! She had big hands and my mother was tall and well built. She hit hard! The first time I was shot, true story, I was a minor so they had to have my guardian present, I said forget the hospital. Calling my mother was worse than having a bullet in me. I saw power in a being that required worship, definitely of supreme value, you can’t have life without her.

Another example is the way a woman can instantly bring change in your life. Here I am, serving a natural life sentence for a crime that I didn’t commit, fighting all the way, but drained on the inside. Decades roll pass and you go through so many changes as you try to figure out what and who you will become as you travel from plantation to plantation. I make it to my forties, I wasn’t suppose to see sixteen, but here I am. My maturation process has been a success, and I’m loved by my family. I have current motions in court still fighting this illegal charge I’m incarcerated under, but there’s still something missing, I don’t have god in my life. It was October 2019, I was in my cell training the greyhound, I’m a dog trainer, when the officer says, collier, and passes me a envelope. I had no idea that god was about to enter my life and provide me with the missing ingredients needed to complete my transformation. On that day I met Hayley, the love of my life. She has shown me that I am not just worthy of being loved, but that I can love as well. I lift weights and do calisthenics, but I had no idea of how strong I was about to become. God has given me the strength to know without doubt ,that I can conquer anything. I once again have these attributes in my face, supernatural attributes, requires worship, and supreme value. God has revived me, my smile is brighter, I’m pleasant, I can see beyond the prison walls, god is the light in my life that illuminates the way. I dedicate my life to making sure god knows I worship one God, and appreciate the blessings she has bestowed upon me. The power in knowing that god loves you is amazing. I hear god talking to me telling me to stay strong, I’m a loving man, even that I, yeah me, makes God feel special and uplifted. God is good!

I understand that beliefs vary and have a plethora of meanings, rules, and values. I would just like to highlight the similarities between the descriptions given of god in the different religious texts, and the being we know as the woman. I would be willing to bet you that the strongest person you know is a woman, the fairest person you know is a woman, surely the most powerful person you know is a woman, it can’t be a man because our true strength isn’t realized until we have a woman at our side, who is the most valuable person between a man and a woman, what has a man done that wasn’t to impress a woman? Look at the female body, I’m not talking about her amazing features on the outside, we all agree they are second to none, I’m talking about the inside and the way her body works. You’ve heard this before, I should’ve listened to my mother, how did she know, or my girl said not to go out because she has a bad feeling, and you end up in jail or worse. Did you know that if multiple women are around each other for an extended period, that their cycles can sync? That’s power. The period alone is powerful, this is god cleansing itself so that it will be able to carry life inside it, yeah, think about that for a minute, carry life!!

I may be looked at as crazy, but praying hasn’t changed anything since I’ve been alive, but Rosa Parks did, Harriet Tubman did, Pocahontas did, single mothers have, My two eldest sisters have, raising children alone, boys that end up in college and not jail, Angela Davis did, Rosie the riveter did, the woman of the sufferage movement did, there’s countless women who have done superhuman things in this world, I just happen to think that it is the definition given to us as to what and who God is. Challenge me!

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