Marcus McFarlane

Where Do I Go From Here? by Marcus McFarlane

You say you want the best for me ,yet you make disparaging comments when I make steps to bettering myself . you say you there for me and love me ,but when I ask for your help you say you cant its too much for you to deal don’t wanna do things to help me get out, because it makes you think of me being in here.

I give unconditional love,but yours has stipulations ,sorry but ain’t that a form of manipulation,you punish and condemn ! I think you misunderstand what you represent. Who am I, judge not for you will be judged first.

I hate to think everything led up to a final moment and not the next stage in life progression has always been a goal I thought we shared . maybe that’s just meant to be my cross to bear.I know I’m not hard to hear though at times my words seem to fall on a deaf ear.

I consistently share my concerns and wants but it goes unheard you alone had my heart now its in a jar on a shelf all broken and falling apart.

Marcus McFarlane
DOC #a698-790

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