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The dumb generations
Have you seen the commercials they are playing now? Well , what I noticed is that companies or whatever are attempting to appeal to the younger generation by using slang and abbreviations like what they use while texting…Does anyone else think this is a bad idea? Aren’t these kids stupid enough? I mean they are fucking stupid , ignorant dumbbells. Is this what we really need , to encourage them to learn and know less? The younger ones might have a chance and here we are confusing them beyond all hope. American kids in my generation weren’t adequately taught mathematics , unfortunately I’m one of them. However we excelled at writing and history and social studies and could write in cursive. These kids think cursive writing is some foreign language. This is the facilitation of a horde ( in case someone under 40 is reading this , that means big group) of idiots that have no hope of keeping america on the path of a first rate country.
Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s show when he has the fake reporter go out and talk to these people under forty years of age and ask them about current events or a history reference in the guise of a question –
” Do you think Angela Merkle did a good job while becoming the longest enduring female astronaut on the international space station? Yes.That was Christina Koch you dolt – Angela Merkle is the German Chancellor
” What do you think about the president giving General George Washington a medal of valor this week? ”
” Well , um , I think he deserved it -he is such a good general” Yeah , fucking rocket scientists , right?
” Name a country besides the United States in the Americas. ”
” Um , I don’t , uh. Britain? ”
I’m serious , that was a actual one. Neither a guy and a woman could name , uh , Canada , Mexico , Honduras, Guatemala , Bolivia , Brazil , Argentina…

Oh , and I guess I’m just as bad , I misspelled lunatic in my last post , I’m a moron too…
But then in later life , our I.Q. seems to plummet again. All these older people start to be taken in by these scams. I don’t mean to sound like a dick but how fucking stupid do you have to be to fall for a scam where some foreigner contacts you by e-mail and declares that he wants to deposit 25 million dollars into your bank account but needs you to send him just 15 thousand dollars in order to complete the transaction. I mean , out of 7 fucking billion people on the earth and this guys zeros in on you and decides to put his money in a account in a different country to a complete stranger. Yeah , because if I suddenly for some reason became a multimillionaire I think I’d contact Solivik in Russia and ask him to handle my finances…I trust him.
And then you have to wonder at any age about who thinks you maybe one of these stupid people. I was watching a preview for the show Strange evidence. First let me say if you have never seen it they depict unusual incidents where what seems to be an inexplicable phenomenon is occurring. However , most rational people are going to expect a rational explanation that reveals a hidden cause for the strange occurrence. But then I recall peoples reactions to magicians ” Oh my god , what happened? Did you really make her disappear? ” Yeah , I made her appear in my hotel room. She’s waiting there with champaign. I gotta go , she gets so impatient. Oh , by the way that’ll be 300 bucks. Thank you come again.
This one particular preview showed a cluster of clouds that looked like the the silhouette of city buildings… And the guy narrating ask ” could this really be a floating city? Think about that… He is asking you – if you might think that buildings made of steel and concrete are floating atop a deck of clouds. Do you , do you believe that is a floating city? if you answered yes , I would like to deposit 25 million dollars into your bank account. I just need you to give me 15 thousand for the processing fee , my money is tied up.

I was using the restroom , which by the way is about the most dignified way of informing someone you have defecated and just saying your using the restroom is not really specifying what it is you are doing or what you did , and started thinking about just how indignified the act is. It is ,besides sleeping, a time when we are most vulnerable. And like sleeping we get half naked and in weird positions like crouching followed by , perhaps initially relief , like sleep , but then we twist and writhe with turbulent uncomfortable bodily upheavals. The risk of death is present , you might blow a heart valve while making faces that would terrify people if they saw it.You wonder,does the north Korean leader do this? There isn’t really even a dignified way of explaining to someone what you have just done. I was using the restroom – now granted most people won’t ask ” for what” but if so you have to tell them , I was taking a dump , a crap , a shit , dropping a load. Even the medical term sounds unsettling- I was defecating. It just can’t be said in a dignified manner.
What was nature thinking? All right you came up with some pretty ingenious and extravagant acts of amazement and beauty While making stuff. You created the matter and engery and space and time in an unimaginably brilliant quantum mecanical process of creating something out of nothing. You used Einstein’s general relativity to put it together, created the stars planets and people. But all you could think of to allow us to expelled waste was in this terribly embarrassing sweet agony of ” pooping ” very dignified…

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