Davin Wallace

Wake Up Call, by Davin L. Wallace

A holiday nor a cookout removes nor resolves the issues our society, especially people of color face today. So, thank you for recognizing the need for change, but no thank you to the pacifier. None of those things will stop police abuse of authority, racial profiling, harsh & bias sentencing nor modern day slavery. Just as it’s important to speak to my oppressors, it’s important that I speak to my people. See, it’s many that are in pain, turmoil, rage & frustration that are demanding/calling for corrective actions or war, then it’s many who are suffering in the same manner but are calling for peace, love & resolution. And to be honest, none of us are wrong in our desires for change and how it’s achieved, but one thing for sure we are one body fighting the same war. We as individuals represent a whole uniquely. Just as a hand is used to grab hold of something, a mouth speaks, eyes see and so on, so are we to play our part as we are, as God made us. Some are the physical warriors, some are our political voices, some are our thinkers when the rest of us lose our minds, some are prayer warriors, some cry for the ones who can’t no more, some are to patch up the wounds of those who have been scarred deeper than others. See, we need to be just as or more strategic as our oppressors, we need to not only know their strengths & weaknesses, we need to know our own We also need to know what we want and how to get it. Okay we protesting for change, but what is the next step. A dog even knows it just can’t go into the woods and bark to get fed. It knows it has to go before its master and get what it wants. How greater is humans than dogs that we don’t need to rely just on a bark? We also need to break the mentality that we need our oppressors more than they need us. To run this country successfully, it HAS to be acknowledged that we are equally valuable to those who oppress us. We need to know our power/strength. For many years, we have been oppressed because we didn’t know our strength. See, when we hold up that right fist, it doesn’t represent hate nor power over another race, but it represents our unity, love, strength and demand for respect, and every race that raises their fists with us joins in and represents it & is represented by that same symbol. See, I’m for a race and it’s the human race that God created, but today, I represent every race that is suffering from injustice. God bless U & I love U All! Fist Up!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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