Joshua Hairston

GO – FUND – ME, by Joshua Hairston

Incarcerated since I was 18 years old, wrongly convicted, I was sentenced to 43 years in prison. The act I am guilty of is Self Defense, Cut and Dry, In Every Sense and by the letter of the law. It could be no more obvious to the most intelligent amongst us than it would be for the uneducated of us. I have shouted, at the exhaustion of my lungs, endeavoring to make those having the authority to rectify this miscarriage of justice AWARE of how blatantly wrong my imprisonment is. Crushing it has been to find oppostion to the truth and affirmation of falsehood at the end of every struggle. I have awakened, sadly, to the reality that clouds this country; though I had been thoroughly alerted of it, prior to this moment of clarity: A black man is not permitted, legally, to defend himself against the attack of a white man, especially if that defense will in anyway cause harm to his white equal. He, in some circumstances, is at liberty to murder those of his semblance, But NEVER Can a black man defend himself against the assault of a white man. If he does and that defense results in the white man’s injury or death, the black man is at fault, and this “crime” will, subsequently, result in an even greater injury, an even worse death. That is the “Written Law” of this establishment and the product of the longstanding arrangement between slave and master. Truth!

All I have ever asked for is Equal Protection Under The Law that is supposed to govern us all. I am asking to be tried and judged like an 18 year old white kid, one who in pubescence did not make the most rational choices. Equality, No More, No Less.

** ~ Enter “Lynn Muhammad – Help For My Son.” **

Thank you, to all who have given, even if you only gave time and thought, again, Thank you. Raising Money For Retrial.


Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

“The privileged think of equality as oppression; while the oppressed think of equality as privilege.” – Author Unknown

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