8:45-12:00, by TRAMELL GARRETT

The feeling of being in love?
I’ve always wondered how it looked?
I’ve always wondered how it felt?
and after so many years of my life
I wondered If there was a possibility
that maybe love at first site wasn’t a myth after all…life tends to put your heart,mind and soul
threw a series of tests and only
you as a individual have the power to
identify what is true and what is not
what’s real and what’s fake..time after time I was put threw that test
and I always flunked.I didn’t flunk
because I did something wrong.
I also didn’t flunk because I didn’t care about the test.
I flunked because I tried my best
to do everything right and I flunked because I cared to much I put to
much trust into all the wrong people and I was robbed of my kindness numerous times.I decided that I would never take that course for sometime and instead I would invest that time into self
re-evaluation.which after 10years and prayer I was rewarded with a gift that
I was deserving of..her physical appearance yet to be known has no effect on how my heart and how my soul feels about her.The way she makes my body feel just hearing her talk or laugh just the thought of how beautiful she is when she smiles.the way she talks and her ability to make everything wrong in my life seem to be non-exsiting as if everything I’ve done and been threw was for exactly this reason to receive her as my one and only my everything.I embrace her as if
we’ve met before in a life far away from the one we physically live in…A spiritual world of greatness where everything is right.I truely feel deep down in my heart and soul that I love her.and I tell her that I love her as much as I can even when she dosn’t say it back I’m perfectly OK with that because I know she knows that whatever she’s been threw and whatever she’s been told will never amount to the feeling she gets when we talk because she knows that she will always be loved and cherished for the peace she brings to not only my life but the peace she brings to my heart.she say we’re just friends which I’m Ok with because I know what she’s been threw and the pain and heartache she endured threw out her past relationships.. god knows how much I love her and she knows how much I love her she doesn’t want to admit that she loves me because it’ll be as if she let her gaurd down but once she finally realize that my love & feelings for her are genuine..if its meant to be god will continue to bring us closer together as one….And I’ll wait as long as I have to In order to get the girl that I truly deserve.. ;- )

DOC #A668291

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