Davin Wallace

The Good Flight, by Davin L. Wallace

What is the “good fight” and who are the warriors of the good fight. For many years, rather forever, mankind has been at war with one another over issues such as power, money, land, someone else’s mate, race etc. In 2020 I sit from a prison and look at the painful truth of this world & the people of it, that we (I include myself because I still have selfish desires of my own) are not appreciative of the expiring breath/life we are given, we are not appreciative of our own spouses, of enough money to survive, we are not appreciative of a lot more, but instead our hearts & minds are always filled with gaining more than what’s needed despite the pain it may hurt your wife or husband, children, someone’s else’s family, the already struggling man, communities or even the Country you live in and so on. The world’s selfishness, greed and desire of power has led to a widespread of irrational & corrupt thinking that has shown through abuse of authority, brutality, murder, unjust & cruel punishment, as well as crimes that has seemed to benefit the criminal which always has and will bring pain & suffering to the victim. I know this because I have been on both sides of the field. I have victimized people & communities through my drug dealing, and currently experiencing victimization by the hands of an broken and unjust justice system. By far I wasn’t the model citizen nor neighbor, or even family member as a teen and adult, but it’s no way I should be doing 34 years for drug charges, especially on the state level, just as it’s no way Trevon Martin, George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Eric Gardner, Michael Brown and many more should have died cruel deaths, especially at the hands of those who suppose to be protecting us. It’s not only unfair, cruel, racist and a common thing in our society, but it’s played out. No more laying down on my part. The war is on against all evil in all forms. But I can’t address the police, if I’m not willing to address the streets, and I can’t address my people if I can’t check myself. One war doesn’t justify the next. If we won’t better for our people and communities, everybody got to play apart and be justly held accountable. Whats the sense in stopping the police from killing a black if I’m going to go for a black person taking the life of a child by shooting in a crowd or park. We can’t just be fed up w/the police for killing our people, but also w/drugs killing our people, drive byes & harsh sentencing. See we pick & choose our battles just as the coward police who focus on oppressing blacks. Most people dont join the fight until its you or your love one looking the devil in the eyes. We got to fight the battle at all times, when shit is going wrong & when it seems like everything is good, just as much as we are willing to stand in front of police departments & other government buildings. But it shouldn’t always be when a life is taken nor should it always be in aggression. At some point we got to stand as educators, protectors & role models & w/love for our people. You want to help, help on all levels, want to be heard, be heard on all levels. But as of “today” Im not excusing the fact that we do need to be heard as roaring lions by the police, political figures & the justice system. We have power in numbers, in the voting booths, standing or kneeling, protesting, boycotting, attending conferences & meetings held by the government & our own, and proposing bills & ideals that will dismiss the racist or and racial, and criminal acceptance and behavior in OUR society.
God Bless & I Love all y’all, all my people, which includes God’s people (no color required).

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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