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L1 CIPHER© Press.
Excerpt of,
‘New Jerusalem School-Room
Lessons From Behind The Wire Babylon
By, RSF,8pm Study Group

Introductory Rastafari Why Rasta Message?

Theirs is to be the apocalyptic Exodus and Movement of Jah people from all Babylonian empires and the return to each man’s vine and fig from where the ancestors were and cast in the West into slavery. {Micah, chapter 41:4}

“But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree And none shall make them afraid.”

Rastafari transcends life in the Irit of Jah-Inspired life setting aside all limitations I and I walk in the knowledge of the temple as witness to the love that the “I AM THAT I AM” bears unto his children.
Fast a is not concerned with the insanities perpetuated in the name of Christ and the fallen sinful nature of man. He lives within the tribulations of these times yet his “cloth” is washed pure in the rivers of salvation. {Rev. 7:13-14}

Rastafari is love of one and all do unto others as I and I would do unto I and I. The more immediate, open and conscious I and I live, the more I and I experience the giving spirit of Christ dwelling within. Rasta knows through the 5×5 God given faculties that life is a supreme gift to the universal Earth functioning as a sacred bond with I Faadan the almighty Jah living Jah.

Rastafari defends the belief of the black Christ of the ancient Solomonic house of Ethiopia, the supreme Adonai and Creator of heaven and Earth as sole and true spiritual ruler of the creation manifested as the Holy ones of Israel. Knowledge of the origins through the Black Christ Rastafari stretching from antiquity and the Union of King Solomon and Queen Makeda of Sheba whose son Menelik, established the first divine Solomonic throne in Ethiopia centuries ago. Black historical facts, hidden, denied, and desecrated throughout time, now to be establised through the awareness- both inner I of the Irit, and outer I of the material world. Let all hearts, open and receptive to the uprising of Rastafari, come and take rest in the gardens of truth the rebirth of those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. Perhaps then the truth shall once again prosper as Jay knoweth and liveth. [ii Corinthians 4:5-6]

Imon Ras’ safidi David Supreme I,
S.G.I- New Jeru- Salem- Lesson 2
Our brethren blessed be Jah-creation of I and I masterful congregation, Hail H.I.M Emperor Hailie Selassie I, Lion of the conquering tribe of Judah, King of kings, Lord of lords. Lif Tafari Makonnen- bright Christ 225th emperor of Ethiopia, born July 23, 1892-Bush- I and I congregation be dem Ra’ Star Far I, Prison Ministry. Set forth they foot an Yahweh shall be guided by Jah.

I and I Ra’ Star far I be unto I brethren I Jeru-Salem school room of many parts, but only one brethren as Jah Idrin and sheep seeking green pastures { Read Corinthians, chapter 12}

The Revelation of Rastafari truly unlocks the secrets of the book of Revelations an solves the my-stories contained therein. For Rastafai the way of inheritance of the blessings promised in that book, is to live a righteous life guided by continuous study of the divine principles and teachings contained in the bible and the Godly way of life, first demonstrated to I and I by Jesus, the Christ. [ Revelations 21: and Psalms 76:1-3]

This new Revelation has been released in the world through those who worship H.I.M Selassie I. It is a revelation which releases the believer from bonds of materialism and frees one for worship of the irit of God within and without oneself- A freedom through which one can achieve everliving LIFE of irit while still in flesh form, thus anticipating the eternity of everliving unity with God. This is the teaching common to all the highest divine philosophy. { Read Revelation 22:10-11, 17, 18-21}

Ra’ Star Far I Process of Spiritual
Growth and Development
Stage III Church- Physical plane:
Objective Realm (RED)
1rst state requires 6-9 Month
2nd state requires 3-6 month
3rd state requires 0-3 month

Stage II Spiritual- Mental Astral
Plane: Temple Sense – ‘I mind
– Unconscious
– Subconscious, and
– Conscious

Stage I Spiritual Transcendental Plane:
Fluids, Density and Gross
Gen. – Ex. – Num.


In Love and Strength, Rastafari Guide and Protect.

Email: Ras’ safidi and H.I.S
RSF,8PM Southwest Region
http://www.jpaymedia.com/david cauthen/
//V92805, cdcr, CSAT-D//

or snailmail w/ S.A.S.E. @

#V92805 CSATF, D3-144
P.O.Box 5242
Corcoran California 93216
USA, Planet E

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