Trammel Garrett

The Deep End, by Trammel D.Garrett

When I was just a youngster watching
the grown ups living life like there was no
tomorrow It made me smile and dream
of one day when I got older I would be living that same lifestyle.I dreamed of one day having a family of my own which I did but way to soon as a child myself trying to raise a child was tough
but I myself was a tough guy so it seemed like I could handle it,boy was I wrong.responsibilities became a reality for me and life moved at the speed of a runaway sportscar and before I could even get a hold of the wheel the impact was so quick I never had a chance at surviving.all chances of me making it out in one piece seemed I stood with my eyes shut waiting to hear what the higher power,the person who had power over my freedom had in store for me gripped my soul like vice grips on a loose bolt.all I could think to myself was who can I turn to?who will help carry me threw the pit of fire?who will be there to hear my heart cry out for help?I realized that my life and freedom was at stake and that i was left alone in the cage to fight for my freedom,my life was on the brink at that time I realized after 10years of hard time I still have a 15 mile journey ahead of me and if my heart and mind wasn’t in the right place to gods approval I would forever be lead by the can never let there kindness be taken for weakness one must always be in position to protect themselves from being let down,being emotionally abused being betrayed Etc.I’ve overcame so much at a young age and pushed to the point of no return which I call “the Deep End” but I know the journey is Achievable with faith and solidarity..threw thick and thin,threw the fire and the mud always thank god that you are alive and given a second chance to do and be better…

Trammel D.Garrett also known as
DOC #668-291

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