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Live from m.d.o.c., by Harvey Banner

As Eugene walks down the hall several other officers follow him ushering inmates to their rooms. Oh snap they going to do our unit in their hast to hide what they were doing they didn’t place the vent cover back where they had the drink hidden all inmates were removed from the unit and placed in the gym for what they assumed was a cell search. Tre tells wet wet listen u will still get your chicken for moving the pack for me but I think they gonna find that and we gonna need to chill for a while and let it blow over wet wet just stares at tre then says one monkey don’t stop no show play peek-a-boo somewhere else. Damn you right says Tre. As the time went on Harv walks over to Tre hey you know we been in here for about 2hrs now they usually don’t take this long we might be hit and that was gonna be some good good too! Yeah I know and that’s a hella loss I still got a mix in my spot to make more batches. After sitting for 4hrs finally they are sent back to their cells. Aye this was weird they didn’t even strip us what’s really going on says Tre. Yeah I know right says Harv. when they get back to the unit they see there was no way a shake down happened everything was the way they left it but the air was weird it was a slight burning sensation to their nose, eyes. Hey c/o Gene what up with the air? asked peanut. Chemical agent we just did a drill but figure you rather be in here than sitten in the gym open the doors and all the windows, and tell Tre to get that drink outta here his whole room smell like it. and aint no yard for the rest of the night, says Eugene. Peanut walks back to the wing of the unit where Tre, Harv, and wet wet are finishing bagging up the drink Harv says we missing one of the runs did you get all of them No we had to rush out cause the horn its still five gallons up there let go get it responds Tre. As the arrived at the spot where they had been hiding the drink they notice it has been bolted down. Now how we gonna get that off ask Tre. Where wet wet? just as Harv is asking wet wet opens the hole and sticks his head down 269 that ass with 313 its real dirty… what how you get up there and where you come from Tre and Harv ask got that pass just like smoke go to shower says wetwet. They go to the shower room there is a small hole in the corner of the ceiling for the pipes and wet wet has been able to slide past with the pipes.. damn this is the lick we can make volume batches and keep it his good this just went into a three way split!! that’s dirty dirty says wet wet

Harvey Banner#362241@ jpay.com or

Harvey Banner #362241
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First Street
Coldwater, Mi. 49036

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