Larry Wiley


Written and Copyrighted by Larry Wiley with the unpublished hood book Gestice Unjudged.

I live my life by the law of my word. It’s my way of keeping the design of my character real and in harmony with myself.

It’s easy to fake it to make it, and play a person with no soul or genuine emotions, when character evidence don’t exist because the lack of experience with yourself is NOT the best impeller to wisdom.

Be it as it may, whenever the shit hit the fan, you got a short distant run from yourself, but you CAN’T escape yourself forever. Besides, running from yourself will lead you to a dead end path when you have to face the man or woman in the mirror.

However, what you’ve failed to realize is the man or woman that’s staring back at you from the mirror is deeply scorned from self-abandonment, and he or she don’t want to easily reunite with you to help you along the way of harships because you’ve tuned out the inner voice that connect y’all.

You’ve failed to give him or her a FAIR chance to be naturally identified as the class of who you are. Instead, you’ve embraced and acted out other people personalities who don’t reflect the person that you see in the mirror.

SELF…Self is most definitely the person that you’ve decided to ignore because it’s taboo to be you if you weren’t born and designed with what everybody call acceptable, which is swag.

Naturally face yourself and you might just find it swageristically hip rejoining the man or the woman in the mirror, MAYBE the person that’s looking back at you won’t be so bitter.

He or she won’t reject you from trying to plug in to you to face yourself and the music of life without trying to be like SOMEBODY else.

Larry Wiley #590-359
Grafton Reintegration Camp
2500 South Avon-Belden Road
Grafton, Ohio 44044 if you wish to email instead of write.

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