James Kirby

Dreams And Reality, by James Kirby

Have You Had A Dream And It Feels Like Your Fallin’ Or Your Walkin’ Around Every Corner And Find That Deaths Callin’
What About Your Stuck In A Situation Searching For A Peaceful Moment But Only Find Violence Is The Only Thing That’s Wanted
To Wake Up In The Morning Sweatin’ Knowin’ In Your Dream You Was In The Street Shot Up And It Was Snowin’
Suicidal Homicidal Thoughts But Still Find A Reason To Just Keep Goin’
Your Livin’ Life Day By Day Dolla By Dolla And Just Goin’ Thru The Motions
Wishin’ That Loud Blunt You Was Just Rollin’ Would Never End And You Could Be Forever Blowin’
You Find Out How It Feels To Be In These Streetz Around Fake Friends And Even Find Out Your Ride Or Die Hoe’n
These Days Loyalty Is Bought And Your Friends Want Your Ends And To Take You Out With A Head Shot
Sit Back, Pay Attention And Never Forget What You Don’t Got Bekuz Muthafuckas Snakes And Wanna Catch You With Your Back Turned And Knock You Out Ya Spot
You Wish Things Were Different But Find Its Still The Same Bekuz Now There’s Different Rules Of This Game We Playin’
In The End You Only Got Yourself And Hopefully 1 Day Soon You’ll See It, Before Your Filled With Bullets, Face Down, And Leakin’
And Yea Before You Die Your Life Will Be Flashin By, Your Last Thought Like Damn Why What Was The Reason…
For You To Do Me Wrong And Start Sneak Dissin’ And Skeemin’
Been My Day 1, Ride Or Die And You Want Me To Stop Breathin’
Sittin’ On The Sidelines, Down, Barely Eattin’
So, Now Your Dream Is Also Your Reality And The Struggle Is Real And It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Got Or What You Had Your Last Meal
You’ll Always Have That Thought Whenever Your Hittin’ Licks And Shootin
That In The End Your By Yourself Out Here And Theres Hungry Dudes Thristy And Hurtin’

James Kirby
DOC #A724092

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