Mario Collier

Concrete Warehousing (episode 2), by Mario Collier

What’s up homeboy where you come from, quarantine. How long was you up there? Dog, I been up there for almost three weeks. Everybody up here got a body? Yeah this is the murder floor. You look familiar dog where you from, fenkell, that’s it then, I’m from fenkell too. I’m ant, Fleetwood, dig this, these last seven cells don’t don’t funk with the first part, what’s up with that? They think they tough but a couple of them straight. I check out on them all the time, but they just trying to deal with this situation like the rest of us. Tonight when we watch TV come down so you can get a hammock, what is that, we tie a sheet on the bars and lay in it and watch TV. I saw that little ass TV when I came in, they won’t let you get a better one, and you have to donate it to the jail. So if you get moved to another rock it stays there. You will get use to it once you are here for while. We got rec downstairs in the garage in the morning. They didn’t let us leave the pod on quarantine, we get rec three times a week on different floors, you can ask to go to the library, and visits are according to the first initial of your last name. where do we have them at? Dog you go in the hallway where those small windows the size of a wallet are, yeah, your people be on the other side and y’all holla back and forth dog. That’s crazy, fa sho, but if you get the window in the middle, we got screws out and your peeps can slide squares through them. You smoke, yeah but I’m straight on that banana peel shit, ha ha, we don’t smoke no peels dog, I just told you about the scews. Hold on, this my baby right here, what’s ms. Morrison, hey. The barber coming up today, I haven’t heard nothing, alrigtht ms. Morrison. She strapped ain’t she, no doubt, it’s a barber in here, yeah but nobody Holla at dog, bro the coldest with the razor and a comb, a what? Fleetwood you green as hell, in the morning you can check out a razor to shave with, and when the wagon comes you buy razors for your box. When you buy a new one, take the razor out of it and put it back together, then give it to the dep and tell him he can throw it away you got a new one, and be careful it has blood on it. He throws the empty away and you put the new razor in the comb and cut hair. You use magic shave to line the hair up, magic shave is shaving cream that you put on your hair, let it sit and it will remove the hair. This place is like another world, that’s exactly what it is, a world inside of a world. Where is the phone at ant? Down here at the door come on. Alright I walked right pass it when I came in, where do you take showers? Come on, it’s down on our end. They don’t believe in doors on nothing in this piece, hell nawl, this is also where we smoke at because we turn the water on and act like you taking a shower, this will make the dep make noise cause they don’t want the women sneaking up on a guy in the shower, you naked though with no door, I know it’s crazy, but we use it as a alarm for us when we be blowing. I’m with it, when are they coming with the food playa? You got a minute, come on I will throw you some zoom zooms until you hit the wagon, bet I got you dog, no doubt. The homie was in the cell you got, he was clean but you always want to clean your spot for yourself, on weekdays they come around with the cleaning supplies right after breakfast, you can knock it out then. You always keep your toilet clean because it’s your refrigerator, what, yeah, you scrub it out and you keep your milk and juices in there, they stay in the carton and you pour them in your cup or cereal bowl. It sounds foul to everybody when they first touch, but it’s just like when you are in the precinct and they come with that bologna sandwich, you play strength, who want this because you think you getting bailed out, but it’s Friday and there’s no court til Monday. Saturday evening you talking about, where dog at with them sandwiches! You sure right, we adapt and survive dog, that’s fa’sho. How long you been here ant, almost four months, I start my trial in two months if we don’t have to file any motions. This your first time in the county, yeah, you will be straight Fleetwood, you know how we do on fenkell. Here comes the counselor, who, she takes care of your business for you. Ask her to do anything for you and she will help you get it done, I’m getting all my tickets ran concurrent with this jail time so I don’t have to deal with them. Everything is a scam in here huh, no, they created these options to be used, it’s all sorts of opportunities available cats don’t know about, you remember the old adage, you want to hide something from a brotha put it in a book, you read Fleetwood, yeah, good because you better start reading your case and learning it so you can fight for yourself. Chow on the rock, let’s go get this slop. What is it, I believe it’s shit on a shingle or cat head. I’m going to make some burritos tonight anyway, how the hell you gone do that? Come down to my spot and I will give you the game. Always keep your chip bags and any plastic bags you get. You need some corn chips or whatever kind of chips that you like, crush them down to dust, take your meat and cheese stick and chop it down small, put them in the bag with the crushed chips and mix it up. Add a little water to get the chips wet, mix it together, roll it Down to the bottom of the bag, roll it up like a burrito and let it sit to tighten back together. Make you a cup of kool aid and get two little Debbie’s, wait for the power to go off cause the radio will come on until midnight. Sit on your rack eat your burrito and enjoy the music while you think about being free. Yeah, I’m going to hit the shower and take it in ant, alright Fleetwood, you going to rec, fa’sho, alright in a minute homeboy, bet that up.

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