Greg Andreotti

The Journey Begins, by Greg Andreotti

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Hello Blog connoisseurs, This Blog is what I hope will be one of the most unique Blogs you will ever read. If you are a regular Blog reader you have likely heard this claim before so let me start by baiting the hook. AS YOU ARE READING THIS I AM CURRENTLY IN PRISON. So how am I doing this? My ex Father-in-law is co-authoring this Blog with me. While he shares his experience with having someone he cares about and supports, incarcerated in the DOC (Department of Corrections) I will be sharing mine from the inside.

Who is this Blog for? This Blog is for anyone who has been affected by crime, directly or indirectly. Anyone who has suffered or endured abuse of any kind past or present. This Blog is also for anyone who simply wants to probe the mind of an inmate with the hope of preventing or recognizing abuse in their own family.
What this Blog isn’t is a place to troll for victims, bully or harass people. You will be removed and possibly reported to appropriate authorities. I am the only exception. I am a big boy who can handle it, if the purpose is to facilitate someone venting their feelings with the goal of helping the healing process.

I will be sharing with you as openly and honestly as possible my life, past and present. You will hear about my abusive childhood, my 10+ years in the juvenile system and the physical, mental and sexual abuse I endured throughout this time in my life. I will share with you the 15+ year drug habit that would follow and the sexualy deviant behavior that would help lay the groundwork for my present situation. I will also be sharing about my daily life in prison and my opinions on prison reform.
I have decided to open up my world to you with one very important goal in mind. I want to help people heal and in turn I hope to do some healing too. So please ask me anything. I will be as honest as possible with all of you however, please keep in mind in some instances I will need to be vague in order to protect some of the people in my life. Remember I want to help people heal not create more victims, I regrettably have hurt enough people in my life and pray daily they all find healing. So before I invite you to take this journey with my ex Father-in-law and me I have one request of our readers, be honest with me. Say what your thinking. insult me if you feel the need, challenge my thoughts or opinions and please share your stories. Let’s get uncomfortable because that’s when in my opinion real healing can begin. So please come and let’s grow together and heal together. Thank you!

Feel free to contact me-

Greg Andreotti
OID #247877
Faribault prison
Faribault Mn.

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