Major McCormick

Cold Blooded, by Major Mccormick

The day my heart turned cold it was in the middle of the summer and over 100° Outsides temperature couldn’t stop the chills, from running down my spine. I don’t know about most of the people in my life, but God knows I needed love. Some one who knew God more than me said. Oh yeah what you’re going through is Gods love he punishes those he loves. I looked around at all of the people God didn’t love. They were enjoying themselves and had as much money and comfort as they needed and wanted. I wondered ,but does God ever stop.punishing those he love? he seems to even hinder those who want to love you. Then the blame shifted as I listened to the next person who knew the Devil better than me. Oh that’s how the Devil works. He doesn’t want you to get what God haves for you. A dichotomy huh?.Much more confusion If I was to guess this would mean neither one wants to see me enjoy my self as a.natural human being that should have what most humans enjoy. Perplexed I stopped feeling the chills in my spine, I stopped feeling unloved, I stopped hurting. I recognized everything and everyone for what it was. Not for me. My heart turned cold I no longer felt anything. What used to hurt didn’t hurt anymore, what used to move me I could sit still and ignore. Icicles, in this world I found a crystal clear view the one needed to remain focused through other peoples rollercoaster rides while they go up and down I remain steady I have my own autonomy, path and destiny.You need what people consider a cold heart in the life I am soon to lead. Remember Mc Hammer? Remember all of the mega million dollar winners? Their warm hearts couldn’t see.through the deceit around them,I can.God allowed me to suffer just enough to let me see what real love is now my heart is Gold.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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