James Kirby

Dear Boosie, by James Kirby

Hey Whoevers Listening, Whats Good! How You Doing We Never Met, But I Can Relate To Your Music
I Hear Pain In Your Voice Like Your Still Goin Thru It
I To Have Been Accused And Found Guilty All By My Own Homie Tho
So I Been Convicted And Sent Off To Prison
Everybody Fell Off And I’m Not Gettin’ Visits
No Money On My Books Like I’m No Longer Livin’
Used To Believe In God But Its Like He Never Listened
I’m In Need Of Some Help I Could Really Use Some Guidance
Every Time I Get Bored Or Stressed I’m Resortin’ To Violence
My Ole Chick On The Phone Lightweight Easin’ My Mind Yet Sometimes Hurtin’ So Much I Wish To Die
If They Ever Say I Have Cancer I’ll Refuse The Treatment
Got The Heart Of A Lion You Better Believe It
Kept It Real In The Streets Never Snitched And Never Will
They Say They Got Love For You But Turn Around Tell
On May 25 Never Got To Look In His Eyes
Snitch Ass Rat That Sat And Gave The Whole Case To The Jakes
The Sentence Me To 37 Yrs Now I’m Sittin’ In This Cage
But I’m Gonna Stay 10 Toes Down, Pressure Resistant And Never Break
How You Should Do It Locked Up Or Even Fightin’ Your Case
Rather Its 6 Months, A Year, Or Death Row Fight Thru The Pain
I Know Im Coming Home But I’ll Make This Dude Bleed Like Blood In My Vain
I Didn’t Want Much Just My Friends To Be Loyal
And A Down Ass Chick To Ride And Spoil
When The Judge Slammed That Mallet My Heart Stopped Beatin’
Cut The Oxygen From My Brain And Changed My Way Of Thinkin’
Theres 2 Sides Of Every Story And I’m Gonna Keep Mine
But The System Is Still Fucked up And Corrupt And Full Of Nothing But Lies
My Nina Is A God And I Can’t Wait To Fucker
But Not Before I Tie That Rat Up And Think Of Different Tortures
I Got Stop Snitchin’ On My Face Cause I’m Livin’ Proof
And Will Never Understand Til They Switch Me Shoes
Family Stop Lovin’ Me Cause I’m Not There To Provide
Homes In My Ear Fillin’ My Head With Lies
Girls Always In Sayin’ They Miss Me And Tellin’ Me They Love Me
Gone Acouple Years No Visits So No One To Even There To Hug Me
While I Was In Seg There Was A Death In My Family
My Homie Went Home And Straight Hung Up Off Candy
Can’t Wait To TouchDown And Show Them They Didn’t Damage Me
But I’m Just Get Started And I Got A Long Stretch Ahead Of Me I’m Just Lettin’ Everybody Know In The End That Like Boosie They Will Remember Me
Dear Boosie

James Kirby
DOC #A724092

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