Michael Ketcham

by Michael Ketcham

Dear World,

Hello, I’m not sure if you remember me, nobody special, another pebble dropped into the pond. Eventually even my ripples will fade & I’ll be gone. Who am I to complain though, just another one of the forgotten son’s & daughter’s of the world.

I know you’ve been busy since I’ve been gone, the ever spinning cycle of life, so I’ll understand if you never respond.

I’m sure things are hectic with all the hate & discrimination, riots & covid 19. Yet still, in my selfish nature I wonder if you remember me? Honestly I don’t know why you would? I should’ve treated you better, appreciated all you sacrifice to sustain life.

I often feel stuck & forgotten as you move forward, taking along all my old friends & family. Seems like this stale life full of stagnation is what’s meant for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I wake everyday, thinking of you & all that you’ve done for me. I still hope I’ll be able to appreciate you one day in ways that I never did before. Until that day comes hope you don’t mind if I write you now & again. Maybe we can be friends.

Yours truly,

Michael ketcham
DOC #241552

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