Mario Collier

Concrete Warehousing (season 1), by Mario Collier

There’s a plethora of shows that claim to present you with the experience of an incarcerated or jailed individual, but you’ve never had one make it this clear for you.
What’s your name, Kenneth Moore, move around to the next cell and wait for the deputy to call you. Moore, yeah, in here, clothes over there and stand next to the bench. Alright guys, arms in the air, open your mouth, tongues out, up, lift up your leg I want to see the bottom of your feet, other leg, lift your sack, squat and cough. Put your clothes on and grab a bed roll. As I call your name head to the elevator. Moore, pick up a lunch bag and head to the elevator. When the elevator stops, wait for your name and exit to the pod and stand there until it opens. Moore, I head to the pod and it looks like a fish bowl with people in it. The door opens and I walk in. There’s no bunks empty and I’m looking around trying to figure out where I’m going to sleep, what up doe guy, what up doe, you got to grab one of them blue tubs and pick a spot on the floor. This thang been crowded since I been up here. What they call you I’m Joe, Fleetwood. How long you been up here, about two weeks I should be going to a rock any day now, so you do two weeks up here then hit a rock, basically. You play spades Fleetwood, I ain’t in a minute but I’m straight. Joe what’s up with dog, that’s Fleetwood he straight, where you from dog, Fenkell, oh yeah, my man Deon off fenkell you know him, fmk, yeah, that’s my guy. You a K fleetwood, no doubt, alright deal the cards it’s all fam in here.
The door opens up, what’s that, chow time. A crate full of juices slides through the pod, and a stack of plastic trays are being passed out, you got some extras dep, when I’m done with the floor I’ll be back around, bet! I open the tray and it’s some cold noodles and tuna, a roll, with some green beans. Where you get the hot corn chips from dog, commissary, I hit the wagon before I came up here. What’s the wagon, that’s what we call commissary. What you mean before you came up here? I was on rock on the oldside, I got into a scrap and went to the hole, now I’m starting over. Put you some of these chips in that garbage it makes it taste better, good looking. You gamble Fleetwood, what you got some dice, nawl, we play cutthroat spades for dews, what the hell is that, breakfast. A dew is the whole thing and a half a dew is the cereal and milk, or the dough roll and juice, I’m wit it let’s do it. Bet, we a get it popping after chow I need to hit the rain box first though. Where you go to do that, you see the toilet, yeah, the shower is next to it. The box with no door, yeah and you better hope nobody is on the toilet, it gets cold as hell in that thang. You smoke dog, yeah what you got some dank, nawl we been drying these banana peels out for two days, they should be ready to go, Joe you still got half a match, you know it. Wait, y’all smoke banana peels dog, we jailing Fleetwood, you only get squares when you make it to a floor or go to court. I’m straight on the peels, but I got to see this though. Y’all tripping, it’s straight dog try it, let me see that, man this don’t hit like a square, it ain’t bad though. I can’t wait to get on a rock this quarantine garbage is foul. You can’t even hit the wagon up here and that’s dumb as hell. Make sure you up in the morning when they slide breakfast in this piece, why what’s up, if you sleep you don’t eat, I feel you, survival of the fit. This thing stank dog, all these dope fiends got that stuff coming out of their pores, plus you know base heads don’t take no baths.
What kind of case you got dog, a body, yeah you going to the murder floor too, we should be here for a couple weeks and then hit the old side, they don’t let us on the new side. You know they had a guy in 1300 beaubian that could go out at night and buy food and stuff, yeah dog a hella rat, he took his Mans down but he can’t go to the joint cause them boys gone put him down. He doing his time in 1300, and they let him move around with his rat ass. You see how they be trying to ask you stuff about your case, them suckas will learn your case and come to your trial as a surprise witness looking to get some deal from the prosecutor. I don’t do no talking, you know the program, beat my ass and take me to my cell, straight up dog, you know you got a beat down coming when you don’t say nothing, sore as hell laying on that narrow piece of wood. What about them big ass rats, the light skinned guy or the short one with the new ports, not them, I’m talking about the crawling rats, oh, they come in your cell like they your bunky, you ain’t lying dog. I was happy as hell when they told me I was coming to the county, I feel you dog. Did they make y’all strip next to a bunch of guys, hell yeah, and you know cats be stanking and dirty as hell. That was scant dog. I was in the first bull pin with dog that came from the joint who had the squares, he was cool. You see how them boys talk that come from the joint, yeah they be serious and their blues be creased like hell right, what they got a cleaners in the joint, them sharp ass creases with them shiny ass shoes, them boys militant and you see the deps be real respectful to them, yeah they do. Dog, we done been up here over two weeks now, we outty any day watch, I want a square, yeah I want to hit the wagon too, Moore, pack up you moving, yeah dog, I will catch you at rec or something, stay up dog, you too guy. Head to the elevator and wait until everyone is on. If I call your name exit, and the rest stay on the elevator. Moore, you are going to annex 1214. Open 12, What’s up dog, the open cell down at the end. Damn, this is the murder floor!

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