Melvin Shaw Jr.


have you ever walked into a place in seen a person that just stood out from the crowd? that had you mesmerized , well I’m sure everyone may have had this kind of experience. šŸ™‚ so as you are glancing at this person you are thinking to self like wow this is my type of women/man I am attracted to, would you approach this person or would you just continue what you was doing? the saying is you will never get answers unless you approach in get a full understanding. a lot of people have missed out on many opportunities, because of this fear of what the other person may reply with! I am sort of in a situation like this but there is a minor problem because it is not that easy for me to just approach in say what I feel because there are boundaries at this point that I must respect!. but I am so anxious to express what is really going through my mind but …’s a few a good songs to listen to ( so in to youM-BY TAMIA) (O- BY OMARION )( cs3-by Eric bellinger)
will be continued

Melvin shaw Jr.
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