Kendrick Wright

by Kendrick Wright

Hi my name is Kendrick wright, I’m 33yrs old.I’ve been incarcerated since 2012 and my release date is 2023 at this time.under these harsh conditions I’m just utilizing this time to develope from every aspect.I mean I’m a good person with a heart of gold,i’m just going through life dark experiences.”but we as stars all need darkness to shine.”My hobbies are reading books,listening to music and making people smile.l’m not sure what the future may hold for me,but one thing I know for sure.If you can’t fly walk,if you can’t walk crawl,the motive of it all is to keep it moving through it all!! To find out more about me download the jpay app to your phone or hit me at1630 Prison road Cottonport LA 71327.Also keep in mind,where iam doesn’t define who iam…It’s just a little road I had to travel to get where I’m going!!!

Kendrick Wright
DOC #485974
1630 Prison road
Cottonport LA 71327
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