Wayne Braddy

A Letter To: Rodney Reed, by Wayne Braddy

Rodney, hey man! I saw you on Dr. Phil awhile back, & I feel for you & your situation. My name is Wayne Braddy & I’m currently serving a 23 to life sentence in Ohio. Your story resonated well with me, because like you I’m innocent & represented by The Ohio Innocence Project. My story like yours has been broadcasted on t.v. locally (in Ohio) as well as online. Although I’ve been incarcerated for the past 20yrs. fighting to regain what’s been taken from me. I have a parole date & have yet to see what will become of that, but seeing YOUR STRENGTH / YOUR PERERVERANCE / YOUR HUMBLENESS is nothing less of INSPIRATION FOR ME!!!!!!!!! Before I was introduced to The OIP & was able to meet SO MANY AMAZING / COMPASSIONATE INDIVIDUALS… honestly I’d struggled with discouragement!!! Seeing your interview & how you handled yourself gave my spirit a MEGA BOOST!!!!!!!! You’re an eucated, well spoken brother, with a peaceful & positive aura about yourself. As I write you this it brings tears to my eye to know what the State of Texas is attempting! When I recently did my interview I said to the reporter (Brian Dugger) : “this is BIGGER than me!!!! ,I will NEVER STOP FIGHTING!!! ,& I do so for AL THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE A VOICE!!!!! ,THE MANY (TOO MANY!!!!!!) WHO REMAIN FACELESS & NAMELESS BECAUSE THEIR STORIES WERE NEVER TOLD OR THEIR CASES HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN BY THE PUBLIC!!!!!!!” with all that being said… I FIGHT FOR YOU AS WELL AS I DO FOR MYSELF!!!!!!! NO ONE DESERVES… INJUSTICE!!!!!!!! & as Martin Luther King once said: “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE, IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!” (WISE words!!!!) as crazy & twisted as MY STORY seems…. it’s small in comparison to yours! I say that to mean this: even with my current location & the fact that I’ve never had a release date, I’m STILL… NOT able to BEGIN to attempt to fathom being in your shoes, let alone “walking” in them! & despite that fact, I STILL AM… NOW & FOREVER SUPPORTING “YOUR “WALK” / YOUR FIGHT!!!!! ,& WILL INFINITELY SPREAD AWARNESS TO THE STRUGGLES THAT WE’VE FACED!!!!!!!!!! I SUPPORT YOU!!!!!! YOU & YOUR FAMILY ARE IN MY PRAYERS!!!!!!!!

MUCH LOVE!!!! Wayne ( =>))

(Originally written on November 11th 2019 @ 6:07pm & forwarded to him by a friend)

Wayne Braddy #390056
North Central Corr. Complex
P.O. Box 1812
Marion, Ohio 43301

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