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Introduction Blog, by Erica Thomas

My name is Erica Thomas, I’m called Sweets. I am 43 years old. I have been incarcerated since July, 2015. My max out is July of 2035. I’m parole eligible in July of 2022. I am mother and a grandmother. I am being held at the largest female prison is Georgia, Lee Arrendale State Prison Alto Ga. I am a spiritual person still on my journey with religion, faith and many other struggles. I am a native of Alabama but feel in love with Georgia. Im creative, a good listener and I love to tell the stories of my everyday life and the events of my days and my friends. I been looking for different ways to express my self and I feel this (writing) is one of the best ways.
I’m grateful for this opportunity to share with you the things that bother me, encourage me, take my motivation away or take me to another place.


Erica Thomas #1001581814
Lee Arrendale State Prison
P.O box 709
Alto Ga. 30510

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  1. Please read my brothers blog on . Or look up his writings here. Mark Brown. He’s an open book and seeks to warn people about child pornography. He started clicking on pornography and ended up going deeper and deeper into the sick world of Child Pornography. My brother never made it, bought it, sold it or promoted it. But he viewed it and saved it and he deserved punishment. Sadly, addiction to child pornography is real. The viewer craves more and more. Beware of people on their computers behind doors.


  2. I am so interested in the mind and how it works. May I ask what crime it was? I have told other inmates that blog that I want to learn about what makes people tick. It is so not to judge. I just get curious to know what someone like you was before and now, what led you to the crime, how do you look at it now. I honestly don’t believe that everyone regrets their actions. Perhaps the extent of those actions but sometimes others are so cruel.


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